LOGISTICS 1. Problem situation the current environment, more and more competitive and lower margins, organizations strategy continually look for opportunities for improvement to make them more customer service competitive. In this sense, are becoming more aware of the importance of the management of warehouses training (and logistics management in general) as an essential component when providing more value to customers and reduce costs. In this paper we will develop a real practical case that shows the reality in logistics management issues for many companies as well as solutions and results in this case. This event takes place in an electric sector company that has a strong desire to align their logistics management to a philosophy just in time. At the strategic level, the company that is in a commodity market (electric energy) – need to take the lead in service and costs, compounded by the existence of aggressive competitors. In addition, the stores are undersized (not often have the equipment to do the adjustments of borders in a record time of 30 days), and aggravated the situation with the need to comply with regulations which need to have peace and safe from the former marketer to make the change of marketer, why innovation not take 30 days but take much more time than necessary regulatory sometimes even coming to be 2, 3 or 6 months, while excessively high. Although it was minor, there were also excessive management costs of the processes related to procurement and contract management services, due to the inefficiencies that will be described. Therefore, we take this example and decides that a project for which, after a general analysis of the company both strategic and operational-level analysis is raised and implement logistics solutions suitable to achieve new competitive advantages in line with the strategy. This creates a joint team work between students of logistics in the specialization of marketing and key people in the area of the business such leaders as customer service manager and commercial director after making a diagnosis, identified four major areas for improvement: 1. Inadequate skills processes and management of information. 2. Problems in the management of procurement of equipment and materials for minor border adjustments. 3. Physical layout of the store. 4. Deficiency in the management of contractors (quality, time and cost). The following is then describes each of these issues. Inadequate processes and management of information in the logistics The lack of a global vision of logistics processes by the company is generating inefficiencies in the process, since both the information and materials do not flow properly. This problem is basically due to two reasons: 1. Processes designed so that there is adequate information flow between sales and technical departments. The processes are defined by each of the departments coaching have generated inefficiencies when they are crossed by the two areas. For example, the analysis found that the application of the peace, unless it is a key requirement for the connection process is performed in a commercial area and not the technician, when the person in charge (sales assistant) will get it approved spends to the technical area. In many cases such information except peace and not flow links properly from one area to another or are unaware of its existence and meanwhile the process is stalled. 2.