In Britain, up to 200,000 heavy drug users. They meet at night in the suburbs in areas such as Brixton in London. My friends and I arrived in this suburb. Entered the cafe. Since banks are heading in the beer hall to the plank table, followed by sipping beer, two robust fellow with rings in their ears. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Puma has to say. Meet.

Bearded Dal from Jamaica, Sugi – from Nigeria. Half an hour later, we joked about all sorts of trivia, I casually asked whether this "get something". My friends whispering in an incomprehensible language, sent to friends to a nearby table. Under Armour contains valuable tech resources. Back, as if nothing had happened, and call prices: heroin – 70 p. (Per gram), cocaine – 60, marijuana (packet) – 25 ecstasy tablet – 10-15. I would like this stay, but Dal demands to say that I prefer, and I have no choice but to call marijuana.

It is suitable for hanging on the wall phone and after talking back: – My friend will pick a couple of minutes. – Are you expecting me? – We asked a small African growth, when we came out with a colleague from the bar. – Probably, – I answered. – Follow me. We, like hypnotized, sit down in someone else's car and Katima on the night outdoors. I was rightly – Be a night in Brixton, in a strange car, go to an unknown drug that I was interested only as a tool for dating. Well, if it is disguised as a policeman and hand over our area.