Longest Stretch Ceiling

November 10, 2008 in Leipzig was established an international record for the installation of suspended ceilings. Local company to install suspended ceilings Grenzwert, in order to prove its superiority, built a structure width of 3 meters and length of 196 meters. This figure was taken are not random, the 60th year of the xxi century as the beginning of an era of seamless stretch ceilings. Installation of a record in its length ceiling in just 10 days. "Probably because of the lack of additional work, such as lamps and tubes. 588m2 of course it's not too much, but do not forget – it's all one floor! That's what the director said the company Grenzwert Martin : 'It's no secret that the business connected with seamless ceiling much competition. According to the calculations of our experts at the moment there are about one million businesses involved in this activity.

We know the basics of successful business management. And, frankly, had pursued selfish goals. We jumped up from the huge crowds of a million and shouted: 'We are the best. Before us, no one does! " What followed next you can see for yourself. Demand for the company – the record has increased. People who have not thought about the ceiling, thinking about them. What happens next? We do not know, but something always come up with and will please our customers. By the way, anyone interested: at the ceiling was izrashodavano: 199 2-meter wall of baguettes, 5 m connecting baguettes and 4 rolls of fabric.