Maestoso Austria & Sons Firmly In The Saddle

Holidays in Lipica, Slovenia, right on the oldest stud in the world of horse enthusiasts and movie fans know him, of course the Slovenian stallion named Meastoso Austria. He is the most famous lipizzaner horses of the world. Although virtually is a fictional horse at the Stallion as in Lassie only a roll of film. The name Meastoso suggests paternal maestoso line on the descent from the noble, a particularly old and thoroughbred stallion race of the Lipizzaner. Mark Bertolini may also support this cause. Austria, the mother as the second name, lets stud (and thus Lipica) in the k.u.k monarchy recognize the importance of the Lipizzaner. Granted, hotel maestoso in Lipica is perhaps slightly less known as the film Stallion of world renown, but Hotel carries also program and ethnicity in its fine-sounding name. Therefore advance holidaymaker, maestoso opting for a trip to Lipica in the hotel, should agree a staying experience of a special kind.

Because the maestoso is located directly on the estate of the oldest horse breeding in the world, a single holiday dream for horse and rider. Lipica and the beautiful karst region are proud of their Lipizzaner horses. They are as alive and happy, with friendly and balanced character described in relevant horse works. And most important: as a quiet but also eager. What is true for the beautiful white horses, can be confirmed also in full force for the hotel Meastoso and his staff. Because in the maestoso is painfully aware its long tradition (and thus responsibility) for man and horse. High guests like Queen Elisabeth II have the place and good fondly keep, not only because of the beautiful and everywhere to be found horses. On request the beautiful karst region is of course your food plate: whether in the form of a Prosjut (air-dried Karst ham), a jota (regional meat dish with dark sauce) or a fragrant and home-made Karst maelstrom: Lipica-Karst tradition and comfort envelop guests in a most pleasant way.