Managing Director

High returns through investments in as already the FIDURA return plus ethics Fund contributes also to the newly created FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 funds directly to high-growth, innovative companies that are exceptionally attractive due to their management, their products and their business concept and have a high income and appreciation potential. In addition to the high yields, the investment segment characterized private equity under the condition of professional investment management through a cheap return / risk ratio. Is a significant reason for this, so the success of the venture is that both before and during the participation of the comprehensive information about the company available are the investor better predictable and partly also Klaus Ragotzky controllable”, explains Managing Director of FIDURA capital consult GmbH. after the decline of overvaluations in the equity and equity markets is very attractive to the market environment for the participation of companies. Through the currently especially for smaller companies interesting conditions of entry is likely in the next few years to achieve high value increases investments in”, so Ragotzky next. The investment policy of the FIDURA yield 3 Fund is security plus ethics fund management consisting of experienced entrepreneurs create a unique focus on direct investments. Full preservation of capital appropriately to reflect the security aspect for long-term wealth accumulation, offers the FIDURA return security plus ethics 3 fund investors the possibility of securing capital.

The investor expressly decides against this option, is used not for investments part of the insert in the FIDURA funds after taking into account an adequate Liquidity reserve either invested directly in products of first-class Anglo-Saxon insurance companies or reputable insurance companies applied, which in turn invest in Anglo-Saxon insurance products. In comparison to German insurance insurance companies could achieve Anglo-Saxon significantly higher yields in recent years”, so Ragotzky. It is intended that the capital generated by the individual insurance over the life of the Fund reaches the value of the total Fund contribution of investors and secures to the use of capital.