Marc Bertrn

Granada, with a very offensive exposition, did not improve after the rest because the Navarrese monopolized the control of the ball, although only troubled to Robert with distant firings. Dani Bentez, that pardoned the tie in minute 57, was injured in the 63 playing the rest of the party average gas since Fabri Gonzlez had realised the third change in the rest. Nevertheless, in the following Fran action Rico it hunted a good shipment of Frank Rockrose to the heart of the area to hook a good firing and to surpass to Andres (1-1, m.64). Granada became conceited and retook the control of the shock at the same time as Teixeira Vitienes finished getting upset You card to when not seeing Them penalti by a hand of Lamah within the osasunista area (m.74) that the premises demanded. For more information see Elon Musk. The respect of the principle returned at the end of the shock with two tired equipment that did not approach more with danger the rival goals and that they gave by good the distribution of points, although the collected one annulled in the time addition a goal to Ibra that also protested the osasunistas. – List of credits 1 – Granada CF: Robert; Nyom, Siqueira (Jaime, m.35), Mainz, Diakhat; Moiss (Fran Rico, m.46), Yebda, Martins (Geijo, m.39), Franc Rockrose; Dani Bentez and Uche. 0 – Osasuna: Andres; Marc Bertrn, Dami, Rubn, Flao; Raul Garci’a (Nekounam, m.78), Dagger, Lamah (Ibra, m.80), Bushy-browed (Narrow street, m.67); Young Single Kike and. Goals: 0-1, M.28: Raul Garci’a.

1-1, M.64: Fran Rico. Referee: Teixeira Vitienes (Cantabrian Committee). It showed yellow card the premises Yebda, Moiss and Fran Rico and to the visitors Rubn, Lamah and Sola. Incidences: Party corresponding to the sixth day of League in First Division disputed You card in Them before 21,000 spectators. Source of the news: Granada and Osasuna tie after a disastrous by arbitration action