Marketing Department Community

These are: 1. be, before all, attentive to the interests of the firm, not be you must escape anything that is useful to the company. 2 Should establish which channels of communication will be used (choose those most effective to reach effectively to the community). 3 Keep a fluent communication with other areas of the company (information technology, production, Marketing, commercial, development, etc). 4 You must be aware of everything that is said about the company and brand on the Internet and its significance to the traditional media. 5. Also, you must be aware of everything that is said of the competition and what the competition does.

6 You must use tracking and monitoring tools, analyze the information obtained and propose new actions and strategies. 7 Must have discretion to, among all published comments, highlight those positive, negative, or notable, that for some reason that merit any special strategy (strategy which will be suggested and probably designed by another Department: for example, if it suggests a failure of the product, will be production indicated Marketing Department and the Department indicated of a contingency plan;) to develop lines of communication to be used). 8 You must know to detect more proactive people establishes communication between all that. A proactive person, also known as opinion leader, assumes a great gain in time in order to achieve the proposed objectives. 9 It must be decisive; a community manager should be that helpful person that every company knows that he can count on him and all customer knows that it is better to ask him because it generates useful answers. You must make known in online communities where it is active and help users and potential customers to resolve any conflict showing itself as a nexus between the company or brand and the user.