Marrakech Offers Hotels, Riads, Villas And Apartments: The Arabian Accommodation Options

Marrakech is Morocco's main tourist destination and offers a choice of accommodation. There are four main types of accommodation in Marrakech hotels, riads, villas and apartments. The Marrakech Riads Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located inside the old city, which usually consist of two or three floors and a courtyard. The Riads are private homes began to be restored in the 70s. In Marrakesh, the Riad is located inside the ancient walls, in the old town or medina. " Many of these old houses have been completely restored, renovated and converted into guest houses full of character and charm offering exceptional service in a fantastic re-decorated buildings and rebuilt in the traditional manner.

The Riad can be rented per room or in full if they travel in groups. Some Riads are small, intimate and friendly and some are breathtakingly gorgeous and offer every luxury. Almost all riads offer half board, full board, and Most of them provide a variety of services such as spa, catering, pool or pond, panoramic terrace, massage. Because they are located in the medina or old town, Riads are ideal for exploring urban environments most authentic and exotic, like the famous and colorful souks or the legendary square Jemaa El Fna. Villas in Marrakech If they have a bigger budget and looking for a more rustic experience, then a house is your best option. The vast majority of houses are located on the outskirts of Marrakech or the famous Palm and provide transportation to and from the city or the airport.

Almost all houses in Marrakech have their own pool and large terraces with superb views of the snow capped Atlas Mountains. The villas offer a peaceful and quiet as well as many high quality services comparable to those offered by the best hotels. The villas can be rented as a whole for large groups and for short or long. Hotels Marrakech Being a favorite tourist destination in Morocco, Marrakech offers numerous hotels for your stay in the City Ocre. From the luxurious 5-star hotels in the neighborhood of Hivernage, often occupied by movie stars and celebrities of all kinds, especially during the International Film Festival of Marrakech, to the most affordable hotels in the New Town or the French Quarter Gueliz, the range of prices, services and locations is extensive. Most hotels offer amenities such as heated swimming pool, bar and restaurant, spa, hammam and massage room, and the most common: room service, internet access, telephone and fax, among many others. Apartments in Marrakech apartments are usually in the neighborhood of Gueliz, in New Town and other neighborhoods. They can be rented nightly, weekly or monthly. Normally are furnished, but you can also find apartments partially furnished or unfurnished, depending on your needs and duration of their stay. You can even find apartments for rent for long periods if they wish to stay in Marrakesh for a while. But if your budget is limited, you can find affordable apartments not far from the Old Town or New Town, in the quietest and most authentic. So if you are looking for the best, whether for vacation, business trip or a longer stay, Ocre City offers a multitude of options, among which the most popular area hotels, riads, villas and rental apartments. Are most suitable for your holiday and escojanla according to your budget, needs and desires. And enjoy your stay!