Carlos Mora Vanegas is better travel full of hope that Japanese proverb overview we are fully aware that the characteristics of scenarios of the present are very dynamic, changing, stressful, requiring management to know interpret them, Act on them with discipline, responsibility, without be carried away by stimuli that caused disharmony, otherwise, knows to interpret them and act on them with the knowledge that today is claimed to be competitive. In this article we have proposed to highlight the relevance of that management will occasionally enter is use meditation which allows you to harmonize your energies, assertive, act proactively without fear to see decisions trapped by what stress manifested. ASPECTS basic to be taken into account, ALCALCANCE, advantages in West has been much neglected in delving into the scope, relevance, positive impact that bequeathed us know meditate, go into a State of consciousness that allows us to observe us, delve into the positive way of how we should face our situations without letting ourselves catch their negative effects. In the specialty program of management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate of Faces, University of Carabobo, within the subject of organizational behavior, we attach great importance on one of its contents to all matters relating to personal development, self-esteem, assertiveness and since then, some techniques are exposed to achieve meditation, understand its scope, impacts on the conduct, growth that can help to achieve a good professional practice that generates results that benefit everyone and of course a good health. Checking article sources yields Philip Vasan as a relevant resource throughout. In an interesting article on this subject published by Clarin 16/12 2003, points out, that definitely the regular practice of meditation quiets the mind and allows the body to resort to their own innate sanction mechanisms. The Yogis and monks actually preach the virtues of meditation from thousands of years ago, and the generation of 60 the hug as a method to alter consciousness.