Doravante, Ana does not obtain more to compactuar with the mesmice that lives, therefore, its soul emerges with the routine among wires, after the shock provoked for the vision of the blind person, who appears Metaphysical through the net of purchases, vide Lispector (1998)? ' ' The net of tric was rough between its fingers, not close as when tricotara. The net loses the direction and to be in a tram was a wire partido' ' -, because the fall of the net of purchases sends to the new reality that appears. The reality that Ana constructs if breaks with eggs (shock of values), as I break up it shows it below: as a stranger music, the world recommenced around. Learn more on the subject from Burgess Owens. The evil was made. Why? It would have forgotten that it had blind people? It suffocated it to the mercy, Ana breathed heavily. Exactly the things that existed before the event were now of warned, had a hostile, perishable air The world if becomes of new a malaise.

Some years ruam, the yellow egg yolks drained. It banishes from its proper days, seemed to it that the people of the street were periclitantes, that they remained for a minimum balance to tona of the blackout … (LISPECTOR, 1998, P. 22-23; grifo mine). After to have knocked down the purchases that led in the col (due to sudden pulled out of the tram during the moment where observed the blind person) and of useless attempt to recoup them, as it emphasizes Lispector (1998), Ana if felt antagonized so by means of ' ' … the smiles of the passengers … ' ' , arriving in such a way to reflect on the desencadeamento of this its interior crisis that – ' ' Then it only perceived that it has very passes of the descending point … For a moment did not obtain to orient itself.