Mexican Consumers

According to Annual Reporte of Preference of Color in Automobiles elaborated by DuPont in different countries, this year the most popular colors in Mexico were the target and the black, both with a 20 percent of preference between the consumers, followed by the silver (17 percent), gray (13 percent), blue (12 percent), red (11 percent), yellow/gold (3 percent), green (2 percent) and coffee-beige (1 percent). In agreement with the document drafted by Dupont – company world-wide leader in the provision of paintings to the industry of the automobile, the preferences of color in automobiles in the world tend to accredit themselves more and more, although still subtle differences in some countries exist. The United States On the matter, Nancy Lockhart, designer of Color of DuPont for North America, said that although neutral colors as the silver and the gray have a high volume of participation in almost all the countries, these show a tendency the loss: In the future it will be necessary to revitalize them, adding to them some effects of pigmentation that allow to reestablish their popularity. India On the other hand Karen Surcina, general manager of Marketing research of Color in DuPont, said that although the gray along with the target and the black continues being the most popular colors in the world, the consumers look for to add some effects of pigmentation that work like differentiators: These effects provide a greater degree with personalisation and add to a sensation of luxury and elegance, asked for by traditional consumers who look for some type of differentiator within the range of classic colors. China Annual Reporte of DuPont indicates that to world-wide level, colors as blue and the red one is more and more popular. Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Institute of Pantone Color and author of the book the Color: Messages and Meaning (Color: Messages and Meanings) said that the blue one is as well being interpreted like new a green one, since anywhere in the world it is related to him to the environment.