If you are a regular user of the Internet surely you’ve heard already on several occasions that our favorite search engine Google is taking steps of large animal and gets dangerously close to monopoly! Terror! Absence of Microsoft, Google comes with all their heavy artillery of latest technology to prevent that other small businesses have access to the large market of online business! It is sad if you think that the sad thing is the growth of Google and its black intention of wanting to monopolize the market, you are wrong. The sad thing is that there are people losing their valuable time on the Internet criticizing Google, putting obviously negative energies in these exchanges indeed bring nothing positive to their lives. If you are interested in prosperity, truly interested – and I think this is your case, otherwise you’d be not reading this – you should feel a healthy envy and admiration for Google, and since they have triumphed and made money and what you want is to succeed then should be on the side of Google! Google should be your number one hero! Do not misunderstand me. You have every right in the world to have a point of view on the concept of monopoly and airing your objective opinion in certain circumstances. But wallow in the criticism and say that it hates to a company – in this case – plunges to whom negative makes it a spiral absolutely. These critical anti monopoly are based of course on the false belief that resources are limited and belief – yet most dumb – of that when takes a little more account there is someone who are removing that bit. It is not.

Resources are unlimited and Google not being removed anything to anyone. I wonder, just out of curiosity, what would happen if all these programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, Internet users or webmasters who are alarmed by the monopoly of Google in the forums were called to be part of the team of our search of yore everytime someone criticises Google for their dangerous advance towards monopoly, this person is putting on the side of the scarcity and poverty and not on the side of abundance and prosperity. Which side are you? Look at how many situations of your life pass daily in which you can take sides by abundance, wealth, prosperity and money, rather than put you on the wrong side. The message that you send to the universe is a vibration in accordance with your best wishes for wealth and success. Original author and source of the article.