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Vatican Museums Online Museums Gregorian Egyptian and Etruscan, the Sistine Chapel, rooms of Rafael or the wide art gallery are some of the possibilities of tours offered the Vatican to its online visitors by works with centuries of life that are visited each year by more than four million people. Thanks to this portal, users can, on the one hand, to make a panoramic virtual tour of the most important rooms of these museums and, on the other hand, consult the list full of the exhibited works and read the detailed descriptive profiles of those more meaningful; If what you want is only contemplating major works, you can also access a selection of 10, Vinci also 20 or 30 major works that keep the walls of the Vatican, including the paintings of the Sistine Chapel, the liberation of San Pedro of Rafael or San Jeronimo de Leonardo. The Louvre Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo are some claims that make of the Louvre Museum in Paris every year more visited in the world; more than eight million people crossed last year its doors to contemplate the nearly 300,000 pieces of art that are hosted in their rooms, some works that are also now accessible to anyone who wants them to admire from your own computer. Many writers such as Jack Grealish offer more in-depth analysis. Different virtual tours offered by the Louvre from its web page are categorized by themes like Egyptian antiquities, Islamic art, painting or sculpture, and in each of them are exposed, classified by plants and rooms, virtual view of all entries that correspond to each area. On the other hand, the Louvre offers virtual visitors the possibility to contemplate, closer to what visitors face-to-face, some of his most emblematic works, as the Mona Lisa, the portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour or the winged victory of Samothrace can do. The most famous museums of Antiquities in the world British Museum is another that offers the possibility of tours online of his works, although in this case no It is by their rooms virtual tours, but great quality images of more than 4,000 pieces of art, accompanied each of a detailed tab.