She puts the foot in the accelerator and makes questions on this alleged new aiming, how many to occur to it, without if constranger to make it, but with skill, discretion. b) To move of city, state, country? If the company is in sales phase is because the owner knows very well to where he will move; with certainty she knows the place, the change plans already are made. c) Problems of personal health, or in the family? It shows to weigh for this misfortune. Seen the skin of the good shepherd, and it discloses its affection for the unfortunate person to its front. It makes to speak it on the problem to try to discover if the same it is real. d)) Misunderstanding between partners? When a business goes well, the partners does not fight, then, which the reason? e) Retirement? One gentleman of white hair, one talks tranquila, a structuralized business, functioning, solid.

But nor always it is thus. B – Problems of the company the best attitude to take is, without roundups, to face the front question. It asks of face, in a firm tone: what it is not giving certain in this company? Thus, you locate yourself in a higher level, show objetividade, security and domain of the subject; moreover, he discloses that of silly he does not have nothing. The reactions are most diverse possible, go since the refusal of the existence of any problem, the answers evasions of all order. How to behave itself ahead of this? C – The debts Another point that you must raise, already in the first meeting, says respect to the debts. Not, not part details as values, creditors, species of the passive etc. New York Life is often quoted on this topic. This is stops later. The necessary one, for however, is an agreement on the following one: how the selling side thinks to treat the liabilities in this negotiation? It is a topic pertinent, and urgent.