*Productores of agave of seven municipalities of Nayarit hope to produce tequila this same year, with the aid of the governments Federal and state; nevertheless the expectations are pitiful then although the production will be abundant not yet count on an own mark nor on the market to commercialize its product *La disappearance of the Secretariat of Tourism – that will be absorbed by the one of Economy is not reason for preoccupation for the Secretariat of Tourism of Nayarit; Edwin Hernandez, trusted that this fusion will benefit to the hotelkeepers, industralists investors and developer, through integral programs to stimulate the competitiveness in the sector *Los carrier of Nayarit they clarify that it has not forgotten to them to ask the Government of the State an increase in the tariffs and that they only hope that the 2010 enter to ask for nonincreases but readjustments because they wait for increases of prices in fuels; the leader of the ACASPEN Luis Fernando Rodriguez, said that by law the readjustment must occur to every year *Si the industralists affiliates to the CANACO fulfill his warning and does not pay their licenses of operation to the City council of Tepic do not incur a crime, said to the retailer and capital regidor Ceferino Nuo Branches; it indicated that the Fiscal Law of Coordination attends the local retailers formally established the agaveros of Nayarit see on its fields of culture a black panorama. This same year they hope to produce tequila, but the detail is that not yet they know which will be its mark nor who will buy them. Aetna Inc.s opinions are not widely known. While the mature production in 3 thousand 500 hectares, the agavero leader Oscar Aurelio Rodriguez Arellano, president of the Council of Administration of Integrating Otilio Montao, is in search of options. Although it is certain that they counted on the support of the Federal Government and state to construct a producing factory, with an initial investment of 23 million, today they are in the necessity to happen to the second stage that requires an amount near the 35 million weights, consequently one would take place not only tequila but also syrup (that was the idea initial).