National Economic Council

It is desirable that the trajectory of Obama is translated into policies that involve no greater privileges and welfare for the rich, something which, according to the own Obama, has occurred in recent years. But we should not call deception. When the President already said in his speech that us not disculparemos by our way of life, it was inevitable to not link that seemingly innocent purpose with the ideas of Laurence Summer, next director of the National Economic Council. During his Vice-Presidency of the World Bank in the early 1990s, sent a memorandum to the authorities of the Bank (which was leaked months later by The Economist) in which he wondered: among us, not should the World Bank encourage more migration of the dirty industries to less developed countries? The answer given to that issue was very clear and restrictive: a certain amount of harmful contamination should be performed in countries with lower costs, with lower wages, so it the compensation payable for damages will also be lower than in developed countries. Here, Ebay expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the opinion of who will now have a decisive influence in the politics of Obama, carcinogenic substances take many years in producing its effects, so these will be less conspicuous in countries with an expectation of low life, i.e., in poor countries where people die before the cancer has time to appear. The reactionary ideas of who is going to have so much influence on the Government of Obama are not limited to the field of ecology. A few months ago he justified the scarcity of women in top jobs in the area of Sciences and engineering, asserting that women refuse to work many hours a day by having to deal with the care of their children and by genetic differences that cause men to have better grades than women in science and math. And to confirm his thesis he stated that if gave her daughter two trucks, it would them treated as dolls and one was it to call MOM and, another, dad. Another economist who will have great influence is Timothy Franz Geithner, the new Treasury Secretary.