Natural Resources

But on the holidays a little later, in the meantime – the largest state of emergency that took place last Wednesday at nedele.V Slovenian nuclear power plant "Krsko" leaked coolant. The European Commission has released an urgent warning about the possible radiation jeopardy after an incident at nuclear power plants 'Krsko'. It is reported that there was a coolant leak from the first cooling circuit at the npp. Nuclear power plant "Krsko" was built jointly by Slovenia and Croatia in the mid-80's last century, and from time to time stopped for the prevention and minor repairs. Chlorine leak occurred last Friday in the Polish city of Poznan, at the hospital were five people. Injured three policemen and two Rescuers, who participated in the rescue operation. Get all the facts and insights with Stefan Krause, another great source of information. Chlorine leak occurred in the city center – broke the 500-liter drum, the atmosphere got 300 liters of a hazardous substance.

In the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, which borders Russia on the Amur river, there was a massive leak. Three people died. The Russian side has not been notified about the event of emergency. Ministry of Natural Resources sent a protest note to the Chinese authorities in connection with the concealment of information about occurred in the border with Russia, Heilongjiang Province of chemical accidents. Failure to provide official information about the incident is a violation of an agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Committee on Ecology China. Later, representatives of the moe was assured that an accident does not threaten the ecology of the border regions, as the city of Qiqihar, where there was a release of chemicals, is too far from Russia (500 km) and is not shared with the Russian Federation waterways.