Necessary Conditions

This article highlights the most important points to consider when filing a new limited liability company (LLC). Compliance with the following conditions will not only help the future of the founder understanding in a number of conditions for opening of society, but also help avoid certain mistakes that can create trouble in the future work of the new company. 1. The minimum number of founders for a company to institutions Company need only one person, while the founder can be both legal and physical person. One of the prerequisites specified in the legislation of the Russian Federation, is that the registration of the LLC is not possible if it founded by the only member of another business entity, which consists of one person. 2. The size of minimum capital for the establishment Ltd. According to Federal Law "On Companies Limited Liability Company ", the size of minimum capital for registration of the LLC shall be 10,000 rubles (100 times the minimum wage to 100 rubles).

This initial amount does not depend on any other terms, such as specialization registered society or a place of residence of its founders. Terms of payment authorized capital stock as follows: 5000 rubles, ie, half the minimum amount to be paid before the registration of the LLC in state bodies and the second 5000 rub. should pay for a year after the discovery LLC. 3. The possibility of payment of the authorized capital authorized capital of LLC property at the time of registration may not necessarily consist of money.