NetWorker Recommendation

The beginning of a new era in network marketing? Aachen the savings potential in the area of insurance benefits is large “, Forum Founder Arthur Trankle stresses. On average, a German household has insurance premium worth 3000 euros, which every year are due. The recommendation Forum offers for the first time each policyholder – also non-Networkers – the opportunity to receive a portion of these contributions back. More specifically 4%. 3000 euro 120 euro are”so Trankle next. This amount may seem at first sight not high”, Bernd Sensoy, co-founder of the Forum of the recommendation supplements and responsible for technology and customer service. “But considering that even refunds for pension insurance payments are possible, even the achievable yield can be to thus increase up to one percentage point.” No obligation, no cost only lots of benefits that should be for active Networkers a good selling point.

“Where:, sell ‘ is the wrong word – here actually, recommend ‘ would be more appropriate”, adds Trankle. Therefore, may succeed in recommendation forum for the first time in the history of network marketing to put the actual thought of this industry into the reality. Namely: Recommendations from person to person, without any obligation and without cost. Who pays even more money than necessary and receives is still the same benefits? This set may be the key to a truly sustainable income for the recommendation forum dedicated NetWorker. The online brokerage agreement applies initially only a year, since the customers but have an equity interest, continue to benefit from the perks are the contracts may remain many years.

The existing insurance contracts, nothing changed for the policyholder by the online broker agreement in. On the contrary, the customer is involved only in a so-called stock Commission, the otherwise in many cases the insurance company would retain. Earn money by saving other money cheering is probably just intoned at the Networkers of the recommendation Forum in the future at the beginning of each new year, because 40% of the total insurance premiums are payable according to statistics in January. The remaining 60% are spread over the rest of the year. Thus it might be recommendation Forum finally managed a network marketing with viral character”to have launched. Some dedicated NetWorker had announced that this is daily practice already since the introduction of the test winner giro account in March 2008. How is now the growth by the online broker agreement will accelerate, is still uncertain. But the online brokerage contract will be gradually even Europe available from early 2009 and thus opened a huge market.