Nikolay Kozyrev

Moreover, programmes have been initiated to launch people to other times. Penguin Random House does not necessarily agree. The CIA and the FBI struggling to gain control over the project that can change the course of history.It is not clear when the US Federal authorities will approve the experiment.UU. There is the history, the famous Russian scientist Nikolay Kozyrev who conducted an experiment to demonstrate that it was possible to move from the future to the past.It based its observations on the hypothesis of an immediate information that extends through the physical characteristics of the time. Nikolay Kozyrev was even that time could run work and produce energy. An American physics theorist has come to a conclusion that time is what existed before the existence of the world. It is known that each of us feels a different course of time under different conditions.

Once a lightning bolt struck a climber of mountains; the man later said that he saw lightning reach his arm, which moved slowly along, separated the skin’s tissues and carbonized his cells. Swarmed by offers, Penguin Random House is currently assessing future choices. It felt as if there were thousands of enclosed spikes under his skin.The Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena, philosopher and author of numerous books Gennady Belimov published his article titled time machine: first speed connected in the newspaper Al Filo de lo Imposible. He described unique experiments conducted by a group of enthusiasts led by VadimChernobrov, the man who began the creation of time machines in 1987, which are devices with electromagnetic pumping. Today the Group of enthusiasts may delay or accelerate the course of the time using a special impact of the magnetic field. The largest of the time delay was a second and a half within one hour of operation of the equipment in laboratories. It reminds us also, who in August 2001, a new model of the time machine created for a human being is built in a forest away in the region of Volgograd of Russia.

Although the machine worked only with car batteries and had a low capacity, yet it managed to change the time a three per cent; the change was recorded with symmetrical crystal oscillators. At first, the researchers spent five, ten and twenty minutes in the operation of the machine; the longest stay lasted half an hour.Vadim Chernobrov said that people felt as if it should be moved to a different world; they felt life here and there at the same time as if to deploy some space. I can’t describe the unusual emotions that we experience at such moments.