Old Backwaters

Figure 9: Rank of health, disactivated of the agricultural quarter Headboard of Backwaters. Photo of author, nov. /2009. We see in this case a common picture in the Brazilian cities: the cuts of expenses are measured economic adopted for the authorities that pass to become common in the city halls. Some contend that New York Life shows great expertise in this. What before he was consumed in wild way starts to pass for a certain control and everything what it does not seem to be much-needed is cut: he was what Joo Candido Borgescom happened with state school E.E.P.G and the rank of health of the Headboard of Backwaters.

With the exit in great number of the population, the pupils had automatically diminished and the same he happened with the patients of the medical rank. The population diminished, but the costs not, since the payment of the employees and the maintenance of the establishments had continued. The building of the school was transformed into a laticnio formed for the association of inhabitants, that uses the place for the cooling of milk (figure 10). 10-Headboard figure of Backwaters – Cooperative of milk and classroom installed in the old school (it has detached for the state of abandonment of the place) Photo of author, nov. /2009.

All these alterations had directly reached the small local commerce, that closed its doors (figure 11); currently it remained only a bar, saudoso of the old times where the place if became small for the great number of people whom it frequented there. Figure 11 – Headboard of Old Backwaters would mercearia and bar, currently faades Photo of the author, nov. /2009. Bus companies still disponibilizam a bus in the period of the morning and one in the period of the afternoon, that makes in an only line four cities, Gestal Bridges, Amrico De Campos, lvares Florence and Votuporanga and nor always is apanhado some passenger in the Headboard.