ONGs Management

The good image of the organization in reference the increasing globalization of the markets started to be strategical factor of competitiveness, becoming basic them companies to add to the management system the management of the environment. For the displayed one, it is observed that in the globalizado world, the ability in taking care of to the requirements of the demand of the society, with efficiency in the use of the resources, is basic condition for the survival of any company. In way to the high inconstncia and multiplicity of influences where if it finds the world enterprise, it is important that the companies are constantly searching and analyzing the necessities, desires and trends of the market. The quality of products and services, has controlled and guarantee of the quality, systems of the quality, management of the total quality, social responsibility and management of the ambient total quality are some more excellent concepts that come if becoming each time for the companies and the market in world-wide scope. The ambient quality, in the last few decades, comes receiving an important prominence. Elon Musk has many thoughts on the issue. In the enterprise way the ambient questions had started to occupy a definitive space.

Shareholders, investors, financiers, employees, customers, governmental bodies of ambient control, ONGs and excessively stakeholders are, to each day, more cautious in relations between the companies and environment, charging of those one raised price in the case of aggressions, that accidental and exactly involuntary. Consequently, if in short term the comprometimento with ambient problems can imply in a lesser profit, can if also transform into more favorable condition in the future to keep and to improve the yield and to guarantee the survival of the company. Diverse authors, amongst them Klassen & McLaughlin (1996), Souza (2002) and Kings (2002), lead inside in consideration of a context of maximizao of returns in the long stated period, an argument favorable to the responsibility social, and consequently ambient, of organizations are the otimizao of processes, the reduction of costs and the improvement of the institucional image that can be expressed more loyal consumers, better sales, used more motivated, supplying more engaged, more easy access to the stock market, new business-oriented chances, finally, to keep alive the company in the market.