Online Store For The Modern Buyer

21 is called the information age and information technology now we can not imagine a world without the Internet, computers, cell phones. Without leaving your home people communicate, work and even make a purchase. The Internet buy almost everything there is a web-shop wheels and tires, online store of books and household appliances, gifts, clothing, and between their work no big difference. Shop Online – a website that accepts orders for purchase of goods or services. Ways of ordering and receiving goods, may be quite different. The undeniable advantage of these stores is usually lower prices, because this store does not need commercial premises and large numbers of staff. This means that they can afford to lower prices for goods.

The principle of operation of Internet shops about the same. By accessing the website you need to select product or service, then place your order. When making a order you can immediately choose the form of payment and delivery method. On some sites require registration, but as a rule, are sites that rely on repeat purchases. There are websites on which orders are accepted by e- mail, phone or ICQ.

If you pay the order, the following payment options: One of the most popular ways is a bank card, but its use is not safe when buying online. Wire transfer – payment is made by bank transfer through any bank, the account of the store. Electronic money – is a convenient non-cash form of calculation, the most popular in Russia are the electronic engine Yandex Money and Web Money. This payment is most convenient on the Internet, since all operations can take several minutes on his personal computer. Cash – payment is made after the courier delivery. It is worth paying attention to the fact that provide an advance payment for services is always risky. You can perform a calculation in the street and a terminal which supports this. Cash – paid for the goods when receiving mail, but this form of payment rather inconvenient, since there is no possibility to check the goods and it can only be done in Russia, and postal services work for quite some time. SMS-payments – the serious online shops also use such a system, but it's not SMS a short number. Store generates a request and sends it to one of the special payment systems, and the user therefore will work with this payment system and confirms the payment. It is worth noting that some of the ways payment is not fair use online stores, as they are prone to attacks by fraudsters. This SMS-payments for a short number, with a small fixed amount. They do not have receipts and can not be withdrawn. As mentioned above, Internet shops are open via SMS only through a special payment system. Another system, used by fraudsters, this transfer through Western Union, but this transfer can take place only between individuals, so there is no can neither protest nor to cancel the payment. After sending the order to the customer contacts the seller to specify the time and place where to deliver the order. When buying from online retailers, always worth remembering security, and that these stores have the same rights and obligations with respect to customers, as well as the usual stationary store.