Pablo Nunes

During the process that involves the confection and the game, with certainty unexpected situations will appear, therefore each moment is only. From this, the professor will be able to have new objectives to reach, creating until many possibilities to extend the resources by means of the confection of the games. 3. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the academic work, I conclude that the ludicidade not only in the life of the child is important, but of the adult also and not being able to be seen only as a diversion. So that if she can construct one practical educative one where the child learns playing is necessary that the playful one if makes gift in the life of the child, since the day-care center, where it knows that playing, beyond diversion, she is also to learn.

In this context it fits to stand out that the adult is of utmost importance in this process of education and learning. In view of that the playful one can consist in an indispensable tool for the development of the child, being part of the infantile context and possessing an undisputed wealth, the playful activity can be used as plus a pedagogical didactic resource in the educational proposals of the infantile education. Thinking about a diversified process, using the playful one as mediating element, the result will be a formation of the active citizen. Education only passes of transmission of information for joint construction of information. In such a way the evaluation must be seen of constructive form for the learning, where we can perceive as the children act of natural form, since the playful one makes with that they learn voluntarily, allowing them thus, if to become adults capable to take initiatives proper and to face the new.