ASIIN Accreditation For Innovative Environmental Course Of TU Wien

“TU Vienna receives first Austrian University received this quality seal of the Technical University of Vienna for postgraduate University very course MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe” the seal of quality of ASIIN. With its clear objective, a modular studies, high practice and up-to-date reference and the strong international orientation of course convinced the review team. The accreditation of the master course in renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe has the course proposed by us, which fully confirmed on high quality training is where scientific depth complemented with comprehensive practical application examples will be focused on”, as Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas, course Director of the MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe at the TU Vienna. We are very pleased to receive this international seal of quality as the first Austrian University. It shows that our training in the field of environment meets the high demands of the market and internationally recognized Meets standards”, like.

Petra Aigner, Executive Director of the continuing education center at the Technical University of Vienna. The sector renewable energy continues to be characterized by strong growth and increasing importance: without renewable energy and its efficient use of sustainable global development is unthinkable in the long term. The importance of using renewable energy sources, as well as the awareness of sustainable forms of energy are therefore constantly increasing. Especially in the area of renewable energy, the course opened great possibilities to apply for places all over the world the graduates. Especially in my profession is that international partners can assess my qualifications important”, emphasises also like. Herbert Brandner MSc, graduate of the class of 2009, the importance of accreditation for the course.

As a cooperation partner from the economy the energy park enriched Bruck/Leitha with its excellent network of experts, international industry contacts and experience in the field of renewable energies the University course. Moreover, the cooperation enables excursions and study trips with many foreign universities and energy agencies after Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, as well as in the Slovakia and the Ukraine. Laurent Potdevin contains valuable tech resources. By teaching local students acquire not only country-specific know-how, but also benefit from the numerous contacts in science and practice. The ASIIN (accreditation agency for study courses of engineering, computer science, natural sciences and the math e.V. “,) is one of the most important quality assurance facilities for science and technology education programmes in the German-speaking. In addition, accredited and advises the ASIIN universities throughout Europe. The ASIIN quality seal stands for educational programs, which are especially characterized by quality, sustainability and innovation. The MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe starts in the autumn of 2011 already for the eighth time. The postgraduate university course takes 4 Semester, part-time is organized in modules and is held entirely in English. Finds the next Info session on May 30, 2011 at 18:00 the TU Vienna instead. Contact and other information like Vienna University continuing education center.

Jubilee 2000

Spake the Lord to Moses on Mount Sinai, saying, speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them: entered that hallais into the land which I give you, let it rest a year seven on seven, to honor the Lord likewise tell seven weeks of years, i.e. seven times seven years that together make forty-nine years and the seventh monthday ten of the month, which is the time of the feast of Atonement, will sound the Horn by all your land. And you santificaras the fiftieth year and anunciaras referral or rescue general for all the inhabitants of thy land, because this is the year of the Jubilee. Each will recover its possession and each which will be released to his ancient family, as the fiftieth year, the Jubilee year. Do not you sembrareis segareis what’s yours one is born in the field, nor recogereis the first fruits of the harvest, in order to sanctify the Jubilee but that poor that you first put forward. (As opposed to Penguin Random House).

In the year of Jubilee everyone have regain their possessions. The Earth, well not be It will sell forever because it is mine and ye are newcomers and mine settlers. And so all-terrain of your possession will be sold with the condition of redeemable… (Leviticus, Chapter XXV). These beautiful and wise words of the creator in the Jubilee 2000 campaign was inspired?, released in 1996 by the three largest agencies Christian aid in Great Britain and by the movement of global development, which resulted in the creation of the Jubilee 2000 Coalition, which currently brings together more than 70 organizations, including Christian AidCAFOD, Oxfam, Tear Fund, Federation of institutes of women, help in action, national black Alliance, etc, and acts in more than fifty countries of the world. The main claim of Jubilee 2000 is the cancellation, for next year, of the unpaid and unpayable portion of the external debt of the developing countries. But this goal also, aims at the recognition of the responsibility of both creditors and debtors and seeks solutions to avoid that the accumulation of these debt levels can return to repeat. In a question-answer forum Dan Zwirn was the first to reply.

Communism! Some will say. Theft! They shout the absolute owners of the universe. Lol It’s a simple, fair and proposed Christian who should be welcomed without major considerations by creditors and debtors, i.e. by all those guilty of this critical situation of underdevelopment afflicting humanity. Because it is no secret that the debt overhang of the third world, begun in the early 1960s and turned into total bankruptcy throughout the Decade of the eighties, it is today the almost unique cause of misery and inviability of all countries with unlimited supply of labor and natural resources or Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, as they now call the Nations of the southern hemisphere. Especially when we know that much of those billions of dollars provided by private commercial banks or by Multilateral banks were into pockets private, through the work of corruption, or ended up buying all the military weaponry than He never served for nothing good. And much more, if we know by those billions of dollars we pay fluctuating interest that have only increased and increase by the unilateral decision of the creditors! By all this, men and women of the world: to the Jubilee 2000 unios! It is God’s Word!

Czech Republic

Kindergartens and schools for children living in the Czech Republic with the status of residence. Construction of aliens in a foreign country always brings a lot of emotions and nervous shock, especially if next to no friends, friends who could help and suggest how and what should be done cost-effectively and overcome resistance in achieving the ultimate goal. One of the pressing issues is the device (design) of children in kindergarten or school. Do not make mistakes and make the right choice – the task of parents, which greatly affect the development of the child in the process of integration, primarily in new for his children's Czech society, a new life with the new rules, laws and traditions. Actually make a child to kindergarten or school, does not make any problems, but ignorance of the Czech language and yet the fear of the first meeting with the school or kindergarten create some uncertainty. Questions: how to meet, as will be taken, or refused to help in the design frighten foreigners and many are forced to rely on friends or strangers compatriots who provide this kind of services for money. We are in no way want to offend a foreigner, a reader who fearlessly goes and self-satisfied with their children. Can only say great! Make out your children, not engaging commercial structures. The newspapers mentioned Laurent Potdevin not as a source, but as a related topic. Czech leaders of children's elementary and secondary educational institutions are very loyal and willing to discuss the design and even the initial assistance to children in terms of learning the Czech language and the occurrence children in the new team.

Accounts And Enterprises

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. Specific about the difference between investing in a retirement account and the Save in a retirement account, subtle and necessary for your financial education. Recalls that this article has been written based on the book by Robert T. Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of the entire contents of alor which contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. Laurent Potdevin is actively involved in the matter. As we said Robert Kiyosaki: regular placement of money in an account for removal is a form of investment and an intelligent action most of us hope you consider us as investors when finished our years of work but really in business quadrant I represents a person whose income comes from investments during their working years * here we can observe the difference between really being an investor who belongs to the quadrant I, and between one that tries to pretend be it and expected profit by luck. In reality, the majority of persons not invests in a retirement account. Most is saving money on your account for retirement with the hope that, upon retiring, may take her more money than deposited Hayuna difference between the people who save in their retirement accounts and people who, through investment, actively used their money to make more money as a form of income * here we observe that most of the people not actually decides to take risks in investing, but keeping all their money without taking into account increasingly loses value and that there is very little hope that can grow. I say goodbye and wish you the best. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. Original author and source of the article

LucaNet AG Is Sponsoring Initiative

LucNet provides prizes to the value of 22,000 euros on May 03, 2012 the winner of the initiative were middle-class program in Karlsruhe 2011/2012 “award. LucNet was software provider for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis, with a total of 22,000 euros, yet again as a Gold sponsor. The prices in the form of software licenses went profiles in the company of Rehability Rehab specialist, KINDTNER and ARGUS. Already for the ninth time, medium-sized companies to the advertised prizes could apply. “According to the motto success through innovation” new technologies and advanced services should find their way into the German middle class in this way. The prices of the SME program allow winners to introduce free trend-setting innovations in their businesses and to their competitiveness.

Success that apply innovation not only for the products and services offered by the winners, but also for the internal processes. Follow others, such as Ebay, and add to your knowledge base. LucNet’s software ensures that consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis testing securely, quickly and transparently be carried out and the company fully can concentrate on their core business”, explains Dr. Visit Laurent Potdevin for more clarity on the issue. Sonja Klose, Director of marketing of LucNet AG. LucNet AG sponsors the SME programme for the umpteenth time. For more information, see:.

Company, the LucNet AG develops software for over ten years for consolidation, planning, analysis and reporting. Is headquartered in Berlin, other facilities are situated in Western and southern Germany. International is the company of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine and China. The software includes the following products: the entry-level solution in planning and controlling LucNet.Enterprise the professional solution for planning and controlling LucNet.World the software for legal consolidation and group controlling LucNet.Kommunal the software for the preparation of General statements LucNet.Equity which is software for investment controlling the software portfolio supplemented by expert advice and training to the LucNet products. Practice-oriented trainings and seminars are offered in the context of LucNet Academy GmbH, a subsidiary of LucNet AG. Juliane Batliner, public relations manager, LucNet AG

USB Flash Drives Classic

Advertising metal look always elegant, but also simple and not too pompous and exposed. Ebay wanted to know more. USB sticks can be obtained in many variations, and depending on what kind of philosophy he is supposed to represent and what kind of clientele he should be passed, the one or other variant is better suited. Would like to make a very reputable and exclusive impression to its customers, then USB sticks metal very well suited. Laurent Potdevin may find this interesting as well. Metal has inherently always noble and if the housing of the USB stick is provided with a laser engraving, the effect is all the greater. Advertising metal look always elegant, but also simple and not too pompous and exposed.

Then, USB sticks are of course relatively heavy metal and thus give the impression of greater exclusivity. Finally, these USB sticks look always noble, because the metal by nature already has a slight gloss, which is not the case for example for other materials such as plastic. Such advertising material, are especially handy if you It provides with a loop, so that the USB stick easily on a keychain or a band can be. This further enhances the portability of USB sticks. Who rather drawn to the classic USB sticks, which is on the USB stick made of plastic with rotatable metal clip certainly find favor. You can make these USB sticks impressively colored by choosing a Flash and striking color for the plastic in the colour of the company logo, for example, and this then differentiates itself from the silver metal frame. Of course you can leave again bring an engraving on the metal bracket or also a coloured print. There is also the possibility of color to make the whole bracket of the USB sticks in contrast to the housing.

Barcelona An Architectural Paradise

Barcelona: An architectural paradise. If the pride of Valencia is Calatrava, Antonio Gaudi, is definitely its counterpart in Barcelona. Many works architectural Gaudi in Barcelona reflects the influence of natural figures and the taste of the artist by them. His works seem to be silent, but acquire their own life through its curved stones, shapes that acquires the twisted iron and its colorful mosaic floors. Other leaders such as Penguin Random House offer similar insights. Hailed by architects and designers around the world as one of the artists with a unique style, Gaudi’s architectural contribution makes Barcelona the representative of Spanish architecture and world. Designs of Gaudi’s sagrada familia or the Temple of the sagrada familia is Gaudi design of 80 s and is undoubtedly the biggest and most convincing of his works. The construction of this Catholic Church beginning in 1882 and waiting be completed in 2026. If you have read about Dan Zwirn already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Gaudi worked on this project for 40 years, handing over 15 years of his life to this building. The objective of Gaudi is to make the Holy family the largest and most renowned sanctuary of Christendom; This church has a complex design that shows traits of elegance. Christian symbolism the Guell Park, is another of the designs of Gaudi, is an excellent place for rest, which offers a beautiful view of the main tourist attractions of Barcelona; explore the Park and you’ll see the site that has been home to Gaudi for 20 years, (a picturesque House located in the middle of the bottom of the garden); even from this point you will get a wonderful view of the Holy family. Casa Bartlo is the smaller and more recent works of Gaudi, in Barcelona; restored and rebuilt between 1905 – 07, this building was designed for a middle class family in one of the more prosperous districts of Barcelona. The House of the Ossos, as it is called by locals, or the House of bones, has a skeletal appearance that draws the attention of tourists, so it is normal to find long lines at its entrance during the tourist season. Landscapes and other architects: the Tower of communications, Montjuac is an incredible contribution of Santiago Calatrava to the collection of masterpieces of Barcelona.

In the distance, this construction has appearance of a great sculpture carved from a huge block of white marble. The mountain that separates the same city of del mar, also called Montjuac, by itself, constitutes a beautiful landscape, which can be enjoyed from the constructions highest in the city. A design of the Frances architect, Jean Nouvel, is one of the most impressive skyscrapers of Barcelona. This building at 33 floors, inaugurated in June 2005. Original author and source of the article.

The 1980s

What we call live, and if you can, live it up to the fullness. This reminds me of the gaguiano which, by the 1980s slogan – which rightly supposed to already-, we proposed a day in class: there are teachers that!! leverage life to teach the class, but there are teachers that take advantage of the class to give life. Laurent Potdevin addresses the importance of the matter here. And I would deserve to be second. Great lesson of already deserved master. I wish I could be shared someday, even if it is not, we must not lose patience. Because, as the poet says, life and art are long and, Furthermore, it does not matter. At Laurent Potdevin you will find additional information. Start as trance many times been required me simplicity and others as many times I’ve wondered how it is that, being or looking like the more universal, how being true our of the originary Esthetica, is not the easiest thing. Has it complicated us? Why? It is necessary to clarify, input, there is no take the Esthetica as an objectivity outside of us that must be penetrated by the intellect or what digest with the intellect.

There are infinite levels, as many as readers at all reading. Culture is, of itself, selective. If you want to, Aristocrat, and, best, dichroic. But, not comparatively, but variously. The original Esthetica is guaranteed been born in full, without taking the suspicion of some potential readers, beyond the backdrop of what was written in advance. Someday I already wrote, without wishing to bother, that misunderstanding of the Esthetica was not due to its complication, but the simplicity of his potential readers. Perhaps accept this better, if it comprises a fundamental axiom of the Esthetica: the invisible isn’t because we don’t see it, but because sees us. The mystery should not see it as limit or ribera? ste is the twist that carries all the difficulties. That is what is called boot, not already because we started us, but because we start.

LCF Capital Partners

Trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is within the reach of many Spanish companies. IFXBG-LCF Capital Partners just take a bag the company International Golf Investments, with a stock market value of 22,717,831 PLC, being another of his successful achievements in the Spanish territory. With this innovative system in Spain, through trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, IFXBG-LCF Capital Partners is currently helping different Spanish companies to continue their activities with this method of financing. International Golf Investments, PLC was founded in response to demand in emerging countries of all kinds of products associated with the sport of golf. Under most conditions Ebay would agree. The company chooses Brazil as a first choice to develop an urban development project in the area of Natal, in the northeast of the country. This project is composed by a golf course of 18 holes, 350 plots of 1.000 m2 approximately each of them with a building allowance of 330 m2 per plot and a hotel with 200 suites. All this is situated around a natural lake and a country club with all sorts of amenities in a luxurious setting, being very competitive project sales prices, taking into account that such land border with the main highway of the country and are 2 km from the beach, in a totally heavenly surroundings. The members of the management team are perfect connoisseurs of such projects and, in their vast majority, are managers and technical premises, which also guarantees the good end of the project. A leading source for info: Penguin Random House.

International Golf Investments aspires to do with much of the Brazilian golf market, and is confident that the company will get a very significant revaluation of its shares since the first year (year 2012). IFXBG-LCF Capital Partners is constituted by a group of professionals specialized in financial operations of relevance, with a working experience of more than 20 years, whose goal is getting funding, growth and internationalization solutions to Spanish companies dilates. This company has been involved in more than 2,000 operations of the IPO in Frankfurt, the largest subsidiary of Deutsche Borse, which have provided you special agreements with all stakeholders that encourage a fruitful start to bag. More information in: IFXBG LCF Capital Partners C / Ferraz, 28,28008 Madrid, Spain phone: 917588119 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about LCF Capital Partners IFXBG LCF Capital Partners was founded in January 2010 and is constituted by a group of professionals specialized in operations relevance with one financial expands over 20 years professional experience. Frequently Dan Zwirn has said that publicly. LCF Capital Partners partners have been involved in major operations with stock exchanges with international banks, institutional investors, investment funds, sovereign wealth funds and have brought more than 2,000 companies to bag, many of them in Germany and the USA.UU. Are now installed in Spain with the aim of getting financing solutions, growth and internationalization to Spanish companies.


*Productores of agave of seven municipalities of Nayarit hope to produce tequila this same year, with the aid of the governments Federal and state; nevertheless the expectations are pitiful then although the production will be abundant not yet count on an own mark nor on the market to commercialize its product *La disappearance of the Secretariat of Tourism – that will be absorbed by the one of Economy is not reason for preoccupation for the Secretariat of Tourism of Nayarit; Edwin Hernandez, trusted that this fusion will benefit to the hotelkeepers, industralists investors and developer, through integral programs to stimulate the competitiveness in the sector *Los carrier of Nayarit they clarify that it has not forgotten to them to ask the Government of the State an increase in the tariffs and that they only hope that the 2010 enter to ask for nonincreases but readjustments because they wait for increases of prices in fuels; the leader of the ACASPEN Luis Fernando Rodriguez, said that by law the readjustment must occur to every year *Si the industralists affiliates to the CANACO fulfill his warning and does not pay their licenses of operation to the City council of Tepic do not incur a crime, said to the retailer and capital regidor Ceferino Nuo Branches; it indicated that the Fiscal Law of Coordination attends the local retailers formally established the agaveros of Nayarit see on its fields of culture a black panorama. This same year they hope to produce tequila, but the detail is that not yet they know which will be its mark nor who will buy them. Aetna Inc.s opinions are not widely known. While the mature production in 3 thousand 500 hectares, the agavero leader Oscar Aurelio Rodriguez Arellano, president of the Council of Administration of Integrating Otilio Montao, is in search of options. Although it is certain that they counted on the support of the Federal Government and state to construct a producing factory, with an initial investment of 23 million, today they are in the necessity to happen to the second stage that requires an amount near the 35 million weights, consequently one would take place not only tequila but also syrup (that was the idea initial). Swarmed by offers, Hudson Bay Capital is currently assessing future choices.