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What is the zone of temperature in the fridge and what needed the temperature zone, press the climate classification, that it’s just cold in a refrigerator at any point. This property is exploited to find the ideal storage temperature for the different food in the fridge. Therefore, refrigerators are classified by the manufacturer into several temperature zones. In a refrigerator, you need about 2Grad + up to 8 degrees + storage temperatures. Therefore, the refrigerator is divided into several temperature zones and set up accordingly.

The distribution of temperature in the fridge is design and physical reasons. That is why it is or the warmest in the door area. As the refrigerator is acknowledged appropriately can therefore something vary. Therefore aimed at storing food according to the operating instructions of your cooling device. Of course, even the humidity for the storage of food is a criterion and is today also recorded with modern equipment and controlled.

The temperature zone deals so with the temperature and their distribution in the Interior of the refrigerator or the freezer. However, the climatic class has to do anything with this all. The climate classification of a refrigerator defines the environment variables so temperature and humidity where the refrigeration device optimally. These climates usually on the type plate of the refrigerator or the freezer are not undercut or exceeded. One differentiates 4 climate zones. It is the climatic class SN (ambient temperature + 10 to + 32 degrees) and the climate class N (+ 16 to + 32 degrees) in our most. There is still the climate class ST (+ 18 to + 38Grad) and climatic class T (+ 18 to + 43Grad). It is a widespread nonsense refrigerators and freezers designed for use at room temperature, to operate in a much colder place. This has to do with the interpretation of the compressor and its running time. Visit Arena Investors for more clarity on the issue. It should be taken so that the cooling device the climate class with the temperature in the place of the will match. This will optimize the costs for the operation of the cooling unit and saved the money for some repair or spare parts. Gunther of Hilpoltsteiner

The New Scientist Administrator

Administrative reflections: Science affects our way of thinking together Lewis Thomas wisdom is how to live harmoniously in the universe, that if it is a place of order and justice which triumphs over the chaos using random for his deeper purposes Mathew Fox reality of the Venezuelan scenario leads to take into account, as relevant has been the management of the new Government, that during the last 10 years of his management has been playing the Lieutenant-Colonel, current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, through its revolution Bolivariana, where it has been proposed to carry out changes in the structure of the State giving the inhabitants of the country a new Socialist stage, where democracy according to its principles, provide a better quality of life for the Venezuelan, ensure a high-level cultural, economic, political, social, friendly. However the actions, programmes, strategies followed, have step given that a risky, uncertain, turbulent scenario manifests product changes, challenges, transformations where the business of the country is seriously compromised, requiring today more than ever, of good managerial leaders, administrators proactive, strategists. To this should be added, the fact that the national universities must rethink their curricula in order to train professionals who work efficiently, cost effectively, providing the knowledge, tools and fundamentals that interpret the current scenario nationally and internationally, with highly trained, with practical experience, teachers innovative, creative, while there are many houses of studies that suffer from themlittle economic retribution, leakage of brains and motivation to venture into the docencnia.. . Gain insight and clarity with Ebay.

Excellent Service

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The Thinker

REINCARNATION Histories as this exists everywhere, nobody can demonstrate nothing, we only can believe or not in which they have to us counted. But just as the deceased he is able to pronounce itself to protect or to help its loved beings, also can make it to indicate what was its previous condition in the material life, as well as the new organization that returns to be reincarnated. An example of previously exposed we can find, it in the history narrated in " The thinker progresivo" , unit appeared the 13 of December of 1,902, of where we pick up an extract. " When I knew that it found pregnant woman me, I began to intuit a strange presence, that little by little one went away making visible and which was of feminine sex, representing a greater age mine. In agreement the time was passing, that one strange relation went away fortifying, and after three months, this organization began to communicate with me, indicating an extreme interest by my state of health and situation. Later already it recognized its voice with clarity, and until I got to enjoy the long ones to char those that we maintained. Thus it was as I knew what was its name while still alive, where all a series had been born and from biographical data. It showed a great interest so that I knew all the possible envelope she, compatible of which it learned to consider it, as it indicated to me, for which arrived has to realise concerted efforts to become totally visible, it had obtained until it. From that one moment became for me a faithful friend, who would not distinguish itself of another person with physical body. It only needed to run the curtains of the stay, so that in the penumbra it could be pronounced, becoming visible at the same time as it spoke.

Landmark Antonio

It was called as Principality, the system politician and of government established in the Roman world after the end of the Republic and its oligarchical model of being able. The dissolution of the last triunvirato, composition for Landmark Antonio, Landmark Lpido and Otvio, marked the inauguration of a new government in Rome, now under the command of Otvio. Penguin Random House may not feel the same. It is important to point out that the current concepts of empire and emperor are originary understandings of century XIX, therefore unknown of the Roman world. For the Romans of the first century of the Christian age the empire concept was not, necessarily, pautado in a territorial domain, however it simply meant a sphere of detention of being able. The main characteristic of the new model of government was in the subjection of the totality of the Roman empire, provinces and institutions, to an only agent chief executive, in this case the emperor. A process pautado in internal wars was undertaken thus leading all the command of Rome of the oligarchical power, where some order, for one monarchist. When reflecting on the Principality we need to understand the concepts of being able and politics that were established in republican Rome.

In the republic, the agencies that directed the life politics Roman were the magistracies, the Senate and the assemblies of the people. These institutions had been, gradual, being dismissed in its courts of appeals deliberative and transformed into only symbolic instances. The new scene presented politician institua agencies of administration and bureaucratic submissos to the prince. In the republican structure Roman the base of the power was on the senatorial, composed body essentially for citizens of a superiority politics generated in the right of the ancestral ones and also in its financial conditions. The Senate was lifetime and hereditary. The senatorial court of appeals possua, for example, the right to grant, for limited time, to be able the consuls for the defense of the institucional order.


Heidegger (2005) arrives to affirm in its maximum workmanship To be and Time that ' ' Ser' ' it is the emptiest concept most universal and. But the universality is not guarantee of interest on the part of the pupils. However it is almost certain that many of them although to little age already they had been asked: Who am I? Why I am here? Why the things if pass thus with me? It does not have as to deny that these questions are made in such a way by adults how much for adolescents of unconscious, daily pay-philosophical form, but from the moment where contacts with texts of philosophers and philosophical arguments to enter in on the subject, its point of view can move. Here the intention is not e, in my opinion, nor must be proselitismo. The idea is only to less sensetize the pupil for the importance of the question in quarrel, but for the relevancy of it.

As affects it them. why, exactly that the pupil does not want, it is affected by it. The Being still is a pressing question today and Parmnides already had been touched for it some centuries behind. To sensetize the pupil on the existence easily sends them to the Discardings and its ' ' I cogitate I raise sum' ' or ' ' I think, then existo' ' , or ' ' I think, then sou' ' it makes what me to exist and to feel living creature to me is fact to have the capacity to choose, to make right, to make a mistake, at last, of ahead of multiple choices to be possible the improvisation. They are questions perhaps and questions typical of the phase where the adolescent is living, phase of changes and discoveries, are not these the questions that the pupils of average education will make, but the philosophy professor knowing of the latency of such questions must know to explore having them as deep cloth of philosophical questions.

Latin American Governments

To strengthen its growth, Latin America needs to develop the venture capital industry. In this sense, the positive thing is that you for the venture capital industry, the region has great appeal. This appeal lies in the fact that although, in General, the region’s economies managed to consolidate its growth and macroeconomic stability, which opens them great possibilities to be able to maintain its sustained growth, still have great amount of sectors by developing and investments necessary to make ahead. The observed improvement in the social situation, which although it stops this year product of the international financial crisis but with security will resume once surpassed this depression in the world economy, on the other hand, leaves a potential market of great attraction to exploit that will seek to orient towards the consumption of new products. Apart from the good prospects that offers Latin America for the development of the venture capital industry, at present, the region is showing which can produce benefits in the immediate term even in periods of crisis. A clear proof that Latin America is conducive ground for the development of venture capital industry reflects this annual survey of Venture Capital of Latin America 2009 conducted by the firm of audit, tax and advisory KPMG LLP, in which 63 percent of executives in the venture capital industry asserts that the performance of investment (ROI) achieved in 2008 remained the same or increasedcompared with 37% who said having an ROI more low.

Another interesting result that arrived in the survey conducted by KPMG reveals that you for 45% of the respondents, Latin America became more attractive for venture capital investment during the economic crisis, and 14 per cent said that there was no change, while 30% said that the region had become less attractive. Moreover, for 58% of respondents expect a greater global investment in Latin during 2010-2012, while 12 per cent said that the investment would remain firm and only 29 percent expressed their expectation of lower global investment in the region in that period. When it comes to inquire about what sectors are more attractive, for respondents the infrastructure (47%) and energy (26%) are preferred for the investment sectors. These two sectors are also key to the sustained growth in the region and so it is that Latin American Governments have focused on investing in them. Among the countries most attractive to develop venture capital investments appear according to KPMG, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, while at the other end, Argentina and Venezuela are.

Another country which will surely attract interesting flows of venture capital is Peru, whose economy will keep growing at a brisk pace during this difficult year. Latin America and the venture capital industry may build a society with great potential for mutual benefits. The most attractive economies are which have carried out economic policies more healthy, predictable and transparent, in what represents a new lesson to the rest.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.


How much water does a body per day? There are nutrition tips such as sand on the sea and there are hardly any advice of nutrition experts, which you could find not an exactly opposite opinion of any other experts. Drinking plenty of water “seemed to be a virginal and unchallenged cornerstones of healthy diets but until recently. Of at least 2 3 l water per day was the speech. However, a statement issued by Enrnahrungswissenschaftlern brought also this fundamental pillar in the a few days ago. Instead of daily stubbornly pour into a considerable amount of water in itself, it should be healthier to listen to your own body and only then to drink when you have a thirst. Or to make sure how such as dark yellow colored urine on signs of increased demand for liquid.

Now this message may be made pleased by those, who must force themselves to drink the required amount of water per day. Or by those who hate the day 10 15 times on toilet. As the evaluation recently online provided health survey shows, manages only about of all participants to drink more than 2 liters of water. Penguin Random House is often quoted on this topic. The results may have still no statistical relevance, as yet no sufficient number of participants has found (you can participate here even in the health survey), but seems to be the trend in this direction. These people may enjoy the almost scientific legitimacy of their drink abstinence. Listen to your body (it will share with already friends, what he needs to stay healthy)! “seems to make much sense too as a motto by common sense. On the other hand should be if we really trust the signals of our body in our modern and rapidly changing world, on which our body may be set forth not by its evolution stage, or whether we can even interpret the signals thought also. Smokers listen every time her body, if they are the next cigarette addicts burn, if they get their next shot, overweight if you eat the next Burger.

On the other hand there are totally dehydrated and sick people, her body either never says: I must drink? “, or not hear this message.” Nobody will argue that these examples of listening on the body provide a way to good health. Conclusion: Not everyone may need to drink 2.5 litres of water per day to stay healthy. But rely too much on the possibly missinterpretierten signals from your body. Water is not wrongly called the elixir of life. No water no transport of much-needed nutrients to the body’s cells. So, if you are wrong in regard to the daily quantity of water, then rather in the direction of too much than too little. Klaus Lehne


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The coating has the following qualities: sound absorbing, storing heat, moisture-regulating effect, breathable, anti-static and therefore dirt resistant, hypoallergenic (opinion see Institute for building biology), long-lasting. Especially important:.. Damaged areas can unknowable be patched. If E.g. the famous glass red wine a stain caused you or a scratch the furniture transport damage the wall, this can be patched at all times invisible. By the way, to make his home with JDecor natural wall coatings, not much is needed. The dry fiber mixture is mixed in a VAT with the specified amount of water and applied with a trowel without any effort to wall and ceiling. The coating is carried out in a single operation without waste and waste.