Actions, such as when GroupOn have doubts as to the seriousness of such party and discounts, and harm the entire online travel industry.” The online expert is generally critical of the trend of tourist companies to attract with voucher promotions in the Internet customer. Itself, where it is still commissions paid percent of six to ten as for package tours, the margins are too small to even give discounts. Also in the tourist has to give something away”none, as Buller. His advice to the consumer is: Quickly redeem vouchers and benefit from the promised discounts. Here all should go quickly to play it safe.” Companies were mostly a low redemption rate by about 20 per cent coupon promotions. Are discount coupons in a larger quantity demanded, the economic bill of the respective suppliers may no longer work”, suggested Michael Buller.

For the customer who has purchased a voucher, it is therefore important that the provider for higher redemption rates has taken sufficient financial and balance-sheet provision.” Internet travel distribution Association (VIR): interest Association of tourist Internet the Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) is the Trade Association for the tourist economy of the Internet. TuV certified members include tourism, lastminute.de, opodo.de Expedia.de, ebookers.de, Holidaycheck, JT and weg.de seven of the largest online travel companies in Germany, who generate revenues of around two billion euros. The Member companies have themselves and their services TuV certified and thus occupy a role model for the entire travel industry. Supporting members of the VIR are AGA international S.A., BPCS consulting services, DB marketing, DMC Digital Media Center, GIATA, HanseMerkur, Pisano holding, Sabre Travel network, sunny cars, traffic, Travelport, arranged, TrustYou and @Leisure BR BV. For more information, visit. _ Headquarters: “” Internet travel distribution Association, Celtic ring 9, 82041 Oberhaching, phone: 089-610667-29, E-Mail:,, Internet: press releases on the Internet: the latest press releases are in the press area on the Internet “to the download” available. Click Laurent Potdevin to learn more. The inclusion in the press distribution via the Internet is also possible. Take advantage of our service and subscribe to the RSS-feeds of VIR.

Job Search Differently

Various forms of unemployment require different efforts to escape from the unemployment. Checking article sources yields Mark Bertolini as a relevant resource throughout. The concept of unemployment hangs like a Specter over the most people. In recent years, the economic crisis in Germany has brought many people into unemployment. Also have workers who have a job still to lose fear and worry no longer being able to maintain the standard of living they have drawn up over the years. The term unemployment appeared for the first time in Germany in the panic of 1890. Since 2005 and a man considered the then introduced Hartz-IV reform unemployed, if he wants a job and is able to work, but no employment gets. Only these people are listed in the statistics of the Federal Agency for work on the numbers of the unemployed. Cushing Asset Management takes a slightly different approach. While long term unemployment and Hartz IV recipients does not at all, also the people who visit a measure of the employment agency will not be listed here.

As a result are “unemployed” as us, far more people feign the statistics. These forms of unemployment there is: friction Elle unemployment: friction Elle unemployment it talks about, when a person from one workplace to the next moves. Includes rental and temporary workers. Seasonality: included all employees in the agricultural, baugewerblichen and dining area. Depending on the season or weather, a full employment is not possible. Depending on the requirements an employer sets several workers cyclical fluctuations, he dismisses again if the low order position.

Structural unemployment this form of unemployment caused by changes and use of new techniques and technologies in specific sectors of the economy. It is considered to be long term and has previously traverses a long transition period. Subitems of structural unemployment are characteristic structure Elle unemployment here is the differences in the requirements of the new post and the qualifications which the unemployed person brings. Often both are not compatible technological unemployment: the ongoing industrialization is no longer needed man as a worker in all areas. Machines are more productive and have no monthly wage costs. In addition, there is no sickness and vacation days and thus profitable for a company. Institutional unemployment: This includes absence of incentive for a new position, E.g. with a high unemployment. A new employment offers at first usually not a high salary, often the unemployment benefit is higher than the starting salary and has to take so the unemployed from the point. Base unemployment: The base unemployment arises together from the friction point and structural unemployment. It is also called “Unemployment of dregs of”. Unemployment concealed as concealed unemployment is people, not appearing at all in the official statistics of the federal employment agency. Including Hartz IV recipients, long term unemployed, people in job creation and unemployment fall to a participate officially arranged retraining measure of the employment agency. Silent reserve: the people who are not registered with an authority covered by the “silent reserve”. Usually are people who receive no benefits anyway by the authorities and therefore no reason to sign. But which way is there out of unemployment? Sure, the employment agency is obliged to be a job-seekers with help and advice, but who do not want to rely on or would like to take initiative themselves, who should find his new job over the Internet. Many job fairs offer all kinds of activities. Online job markets will experience an unprecedented boom. A very good alternative zurherkommlichen method.


Since the new year of the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences added a new Article 13.25. "Violation of the requirements of the legislation on the storage of documents." According to paragraph 2 of this article, failure of a limited responsibility obligations for the storage of documents provided by the legislation on limited liability companies, and accepted in accordance with regulations of storage and which is mandatory, and violation of the established order and terms of storage of such documents – shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on officials in the amount of two thousand five hundred to five thousand rubles for legal entities – from two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand. The duty of every society with limited liability is the obligation to store documents. The Company shall keep the following documents: – constituent documents of society, as well as made to the constituent documents of the company and duly registered changes and additions – the report (s) of the founders of society, which contains decision to create a society and on the approval of monetary valuation of non-monetary contributions to the charter capital of the company, as well as other decisions relating to the creation of society – a document confirming the state registration society – evidence of the public's right to property on its balance sheet – internal documents – minutes of general meetings of the company, the board of directors (supervisory board) society, the collective executive body and the audit commission – lists of affiliated persons of the company – the conclusion of the audit commission (auditor), auditor, state and municipal FSAs – LIST OF PARTICIPANTS LTD – other documents required by federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, the company's charter, its internal documents, decisions general meeting of the society board of directors (supervisory board) and executive bodies. Cushing Asset Management may also support this cause. The Company shall keep the documents at the location of its sole executive body or in any other place known and accessible to members of society. The obligation to store the list of participants appears in all Company Ltd from 01 July 2009, the on the same date, which begins: universal re-LLC During 2009 to 01.01.2010 in accordance with Federal law 312-FZ..

Private Kindergarten

We continue to explore the interests of our audience. Today, we have conducted a survey among parents on such a subject – “In a nursery school you prefer to send their children?” State kindergarten, private kindergarten, a children’s home garden, I’m sitting at home with your child – here are answers have been proposed. Participated in the survey – 67 people. The answers were as follows: State Kindergarten 67.80% Private Kindergarten – 16.95% I’m sitting with a child at home – 11.86% Home day care – 3.39% As you can see the majority of parents prefer to send their children to conventional orchards. And the gap between private and municipal garden great! I decided to ask the parents why their views were as this way, and these are the answers received: Velemar Marov: – About the nursery that’s what I can say – unfortunately, I can not give to a private kindergarten, because it costs 7000 rubles a month, a lot of money. Read more here: Mark Bertolini. In addition, I have two children, and salaries of 10 000.

Marina: – In this city of private kindergartens is not in the city that barely hit and it was only three and a half years all went. So from the month of August we go to kindergarten. Speaking candidly Cushing Asset Management told us the story. Sitting at home with child already does, I go to work almost 4 years did not work, it’s too much. Child needs full communion with their peers, the fact that the playground near the house, is not enough … Anna: – Unfortunately, next to our house only muntsipalny kindergarten, and moreover, it cost us cheaply. So I choose the state nursery. Natalia Ryzhov: – About the kindergarten, I can say that I do not see any difference between the state (mean normal gardens with decent teachers) and private kindergartens.

Stay at home with a child – not an option – the child still has to get used to the children’s team. Nationality: – We like kindergarten “sign” it private, is in Moscow. Very good kindergarten. Look on the internet about him have a website. Sophia Krivosheeva: – And I do not have much choice, I can say about kindergarten. Because we have paid in the city of gardens virtually none. Sleeping Princess: – We gosudarstenny garden was about twenty meters and this feature has become crucial. We went there like this: breakfast at home, we come to the garden to nine in the morning, my daughter is playing, doing, walking, dinner, and then immediately go home. Me Such a system was very fond, and his daughter went with gusto. Tati: – Dear parents, who are looking for information about kindergarten, a good but not cheap. Council in Moscow like in a private garden “development”. We really enjoyed it. We continue to collect your opinions about the kindergarten visit our forum. Come to the forum kindergarten, always appreciate your messages and comments.

ThinkTanks Sven Gabor Janszky

In this and the company as a strong and innovative partner will accompany the event the next two years. As already in the previous year a premium partnership is entered into this year the recruitment agency AutoVision GmbH until 2013 with the future Congress. In addition, Volkswagen AG and the city of Brunswick Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH as co sponsors of Germany’s most innovative think tank support. Background of 2B AHEAD ThinkTank has the claim to be the most innovative think tank of the German economy. Since 2002 the trend researcher and head of the ThinkTanks Sven Gabor Janszky gathered 250 CEOs, heads of innovations and marketing strategists once per year from various sectors of the German economy for the future Conference of the think tanks, in the year 2011 for the 10th time. The future congresses bring together once a year the most extraordinary participants blend of CEOs, innovation experts, Start-Up entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders but also politicians, bishops and musicians with trend researchers, science fiction. With special conference – and scenario techniques, here are examines the future trends and strategies for a variety of industries. In a question-answer forum Penguin Random House was the first to reply. Along with the trend researchers, participants develop a scenario for the future”the life-worlds of the next 10 years: where will we live? How will we live? What are we going to eat? How will we travel? What are we buying? How will we work? u0085 etc. The resulting scenario is used by companies from various sectors, to develop their future strategies and to design future products.

OSRAM LED Lamps With LED-Centrum

OSRAM Powerstixx, Qod, Deco Flex, Luminestra, and Tresol at economy prices there is the energy-saving LED lights LED Centre online shop in different variants and modern design. An OSRAM Powerstixx offers a beautiful clear light, the about save up 80% power consumption compared to conventional bulbs. However, not only the pleasant light is a feast for the eyes, also the design of our lamps for living and sleeping room, party room or kitchen can be seen: modern, appealing and expressive. Ebay helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So you can connect perfectly your excellent taste and your environmental awareness. OSRAM LEDs have an extremely low heat emission and their lifespan is virtually unlimited. Cushing Asset Management: the source for more info. A shapely decoration which gives a modern, stylish and at the same time comfortable homely ambience your living and sleeping spaces and still saves a lot of energy. No matter, where you place your Deco Flex, Powerstixx, QOD square lamp or Tresol spotlight, you can be sure, that it will draw everyone’s attention. LED lights are the light sources of the future. The only slightly more expensive purchase price pays for itself already after a short time. The lights keep almost ten times longer than conventional models and the annoying lamp switch is only rarely.

Roland Rube & Ariane Wreath On Air

On air with Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz: Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach in the Schlosspark Theatre Berlin in Berlin-Steglitz, in the Castle Street 48/Wrangelstrasse 2, is a large building with an interesting history. It was built in 1804 to a design by architect David Gilly (founder of the Berlin building Academy) for the lawyer and politician Carl Friedrich von Beyme (such as Prussian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Justice). It was completed by the German architect and building official of the Prussian Heinrich Gentz. This building is known as the Gutshaus Steglitz called also “Beyme Castle” or “Wrangelschlosschen”, since it belonged to the land of Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich von Wrangel and others. It stands under monumental protection and is one of the last surviving building testimonies of Prussian early classicist. The economy wing belonging originally to the Manor today houses the renowned Schlosspark theatre. Frequently Elon Musk has said that publicly.

The entrance in the Berlin cityscape was in 1920 by an initially a flat construction Column stem was adapted the neo-classical style of the Manor House with triangle Gables and converted into a small theater for 480 seats, where the Schlosspark Theatre 1921 found his new home. (Similarly see: Ebay). Today, the theatre includes 440 seats. In 1934/1935, the theatre operation and instead set up a cinema. After the second world war, the Director Boleslaw bar log undertook a fresh start with well-known actors such as Hildegard Knef and Klaus Kinski. After the successful siebenundzwanzigjahrigen of Boleslaw bar log, the Schlosspark Theatre went through the various fateful stations with ups and downs. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cushing Asset Management on most websites. In December 2008, Dieter Hallervorden (comedian and actor) rented the theater prepared by his cabaret and comedy venue ‘The voles’ and let perform necessary renovations with its own financial resources. On September 1, 2009 theatre resumed then finally its game operations.

April/May / June’s current programme includes 21 different entertainment. Including from 23 to 25 April 2011 a guest performance of the “Theatre in the Town Hall, food”. The piece “Small partners in crime” of the French playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in the staging by director Krzysztof Zanussi comes to the performance. The actor couple Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach shine in the 2-person piece. The story is told by Gilles, the bestselling crime author who loses his memory after a mysterious accident and now with the help of his wife, Lisa tries to regain his memory. Original text Schlosspark Theatre: “Hitchcock could have no better there: alternates between thriller and Psychodrama Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s piece”Small partners in crime”, which plays in a fascinating way with the doubts and mistrust that can arise in the relationship of between two people.” In the radio show “On air” with Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz, Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach to tell a little about themselves and about “Small partners in crime” and forward to the guest performance at the Schlosspark-Theater Berlin. The Website provides an overview of the Repertoire and the ticket prices. (Text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) Get information and schedules for the broadcast “On Air” on the Internet page. Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o.

Innovation Agency

With the expansion of the photovoltaic solar plant in Lucainena de las Torres will this investment through the investment of the related [email protected] AG, one of the largest European solar photovoltaic system. More great solar Park projects in Italy are also the forward-looking design plans of the [email protected] AG. According to Cushing Asset Management, who has experience with these questions. Eco-friendly projects can quite profitably be the future projections of the company [email protected] AG in Lucainena de las Torres will agree also the part-time. The design is in the approval process of the Innovation Agency and the meeting held between the [email protected] AG and Juan Carlos Perez Navas, the representatives of the Ministry of economy, innovation and science was a great success. Beneficial, Soledad Martinez sees lower solar panel prices since the first projection of the company, regardless of the Government’s decisions in the future acceptable yields achieve by [email protected] AG. The eco-friendly projects, as [email protected] AG, no one can overlook today. Profitable wind parks in Almeria under the auspices of chance 2005 “and also the three wind farm projects provide more than 56.5 megawatts for the Almeria region of [email protected] AG.

The locations of Loma del perro y Tornajos in the two Andalusian municipalities of Turrillas and Nijar extends the existing wind parks in the region. With the expansion planned by the [email protected] AG by three new wind farms existing wind farm performance will be increased to more than 460 megawatts to another 90 megawatts. Through the planned expansion of the [email protected] AG a 15 endure throughout the autonomous region % share of the overall energy performance wind power at his disposal. Within the region of Andalucia, Almeria can occupy ranked second with the expansion of wind power through the new projections of the [email protected] AG.

Kids Etiquette Course In Munich

Mr Knigge is still quite in Munich is modern, may 2011: on May 5, 2011 Darling organized events in the Castle economy Schwaige in Munich / Nymphenburg a children-etiquette course for children from 6-10 years. When this etiquette training is all about good manners and proper behavior at the table. How do I eat pasta without to make a mess? What utensils do I take for the Starter? The etiquette tells us these questions and much more coach Susanne Auffhammer charming manner. The course is intended to particularly enjoy your children. The children gather in a beautiful, stylish environment and start with the right greeting and a child-friendly appetizer. You will learn the intricacies of table eindeckens and Susanne Auffhammer betrays for a 3-course menu tips and tricks, to at the table to make impression. “After the 2.5-hour course, the children receive a snap certificate, the as little etiquette professionals” shows.

When: May 05, 2011, 16:00 to 18:30 May 26, 2011, 16:00 to 18:30 where: Castle economy Schwaige in Nymphenburg Palace, Schloss Nymphenburg 30 80638 Munich price: 69.00 per child including drinks Judith Mack receives from registrations immediately: or call 089-324 954 77 / 0163 4542440 about love child events: the idea was born of the twin sisters Judith Mack and Nina Schroter. Nina Schroter is the proprietor of the online store’s darling for sustainably produced children’s and Mama fashion. Judith Mack recently took care of the marketing and public relations for Darling. The theme of family and children were versatile and exciting, both so that they organized the first events for mothers and children. These were successful and the Organization was incredible fun, so the idea was born to offer a service for children and family events. Judith Mack was before your independence as event manager in the cosmetics industry, as well as in the 5 * hotel industry in Germany and in other European countries has been working. Stations were directing the event services at Kafer in Munich as well as at the Breidenbacher Hof in Dusseldorf or the Plaza of Killarney in Ireland.

Wedding, birthday, or children’s Party – Darling events promises creative ideas, lovingly designed events and unique products. A Babysitting service for private events as well as an online store with great gift ideas and stationery – round articles the event – offer down. Darling events also stands for a variety of different ideas. Therefore the offer range from kids cooking classes to etiquette classes for children.

How To Build Sustainable?

A House is considered sustainable, if it takes into account four factors in its entirety: it must be technically efficient, economical, ecological and socio-cultural demands. (tdx) In recent years, the notion of sustainability is”all the rage. Often used in connection with the environmental and climate policy, in the economy, it belongs now to the basic vocabulary and even the everyday world is characterized of which. For his own good and that of their children the people does show an increasing willingness to live responsibly and with a view to the future sustainability basically also: ensuring the quality of life of present and subsequent generations. But how do you approach this task as a private citizen? Builders have much room for manoeuvre, because they can do a big step towards sustainability with their new home. You can use building materials that result in conjunction with the concept of building a truly sustainable building. The predicate “Sustainably” receives a House then, when talk it over its entire life cycle from cradle to grave “four fundamental factors with each other in harmony brings: Economics, ecology, technical efficiency and socio-cultural claims. Educate yourself with thoughts from Laurent Potdevin. So even the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB), see the sustainability of buildings after specifically according to this maxim rate and characterized with appropriate labels.

The first factor, the economics of the building describes its economy, i.e. the ratio between costs and benefits. This is when all costs incurred with the use and life of the House in relation used. The cost of the actual construction of the House as well as follow-up costs include operating costs E.g. above all, energy or the cost of the building maintenance up to necessary repairs. The factor comes ecology especially when the used building materials to wear.

Reliable information on the environmental characteristics of products deliver so-called environmental product declarations (EPDs), which allocated construction and environment e.V. (IBU) in Germany by the Institute and are important guidance to planners and clients in the choice of construction materials. The documents are based on a comprehensive life cycle assessment and provide information about the internationally standardized environmental effects. These include E.g. the greenhouse and ozone-depleting potential, but also the resources used to produce the product, as well as energy consumption for manufacture and transportation. In addition to the ecological properties EPDs also contain information about the technical characteristics of the construction of the third pillar of sustainable construction. This among other things unspecified thermal insulation qualities, the soundproofing or fire performance of individual products. Likewise, it is based on an environmental product Declaration assess how the products work on the room acoustics or air quality. About also the use of the product decides whether a building is sustainable or not: is the House or its individual components capable of dismantling, again – or more suitable? Economically, ecologically, technically efficient for a sustainable building there is yet a fourth dimension: the socio-cultural demands. This includes essentially the feel-good factor”, which includes E.g. comfort and a healthy room climate in regard to the respective use of the building and the needs of its inhabitants. Barrier-free building is an another important keyword that makes possible a harmonious, cross-generational living together under this aspect.