Palm Grove

“Excursus: wreck of the SS American star in some older guidebooks is a picture of the wreck of the American star” shown. The SS American star an older cruise ship that should be towed to Asia, where as a luxury hotel was built to be. In a storm off Morocco, the ship broke away and stranded many years ago at the Playa de Gracey on Fuerteventura. You may want to visit Ebay to increase your knowledge. Since then drove droves of tourists to the wreck, to marvel at it. Place of the former wreck of the SS American star we would point out here, that this wreck is no longer exists. The strong surf, rust and storms have worked on the wreck over the years, so that only just a small steel plate (see picture) look out.

You need to make in order to visit the wreck no longer on the hard, stony road. 2. Plaja de Jandia > Ajuy Kurz before Pajara a country road direction Ajuy goes off. We advise you to go to this place. Along the way you’ll pass beautiful Palm Grove and reach the small fishermen’s village, which holds with several restaurants and bars, cool drinks and delicious food to its guests.

A hiking trail leads up the rocky coast Ajuy – Fuerteventura at the right edge of the beach. After approx. 10 minutes walking distance you can reach a vantage point, the Shows you views on the coast, as well as on that of the stone washed out caves. Ajuy – Fuerteventura of 3 Ajuy > Pajara, reachable Pajara the first larger venue of this tour. Central in the village is an interesting Church, whose entrance is decorated with beautiful woodcarvings. The village itself has two small historic streets, located directly at the Church or main street. In this place make sure please sign to the direction of the old Island capital of Betancuria Pajara – Fuerteventura.