Parquet Floors

Parquet floor, probably the oldest and most distinguished form of floor covering. What is remarkable that throughout its history, and it is not much in the least, a few millennia, parquet flooring, not only has not lost its popularity but on the contrary, certainly took the leading position among advanced materials for the floor. Appearing in the most primitive form, parquet developed simultaneously with the development of civilization, taking their rightful place in niche. But first things first. Intel recognizes the significance of this. The appearance of parquet flooring appeared several millennia ago. On the excavations, are fragments of parquet floors, which were arranged in the ancient temples and palaces of Egypt and India.

But as appeared the most the first floor? It is very simple and ordinary. At some point the development of society, the person has ceased to meet the cold and unsightly dirt floor and an alternative to the stone floor. But do not just a wooden floor. After round log floor is packed, and equipment for processing wood, was still very, very far from perfect. Managed only to split the log along the grain, getting from one side of a log, flat surface.

And it was already something. Laying out this material to the floor – got the first parquet. Most likely, this flooring can be attributed to its varieties – solid wood floor. But it really was a parquet floor in the full sense of the word. Rude, not planed, but parquet. And, remarkably, the first flooring was a democratic and building material. Hardwood floors, this type could, with success, and meet in a poor house and the royal chambers. The 'sex' question, then, things class were equal. Development of parquet Parquet, has never been frozen form of construction material. Rather, the parquet floor was a most rapidly evolving, from simple to complex material. Between the first parquet and that came as a result of (palace floor), lies an abyss. Parquet, during its development into a highly expressive material with highly complex art form. But let's order. With the passage of rough time parquet floor ceased to correspond to gradually evolve interiors. Lag was on the face. And then there was an idea, cut the flooring into smaller pieces. Solid hardwood boards were cut and were a set of identical rectangular wooden bars. But these bars was already possible to put in the form of a pattern on the floor. Tried, it came out beautifully. So there was parquet, the most beloved and popular of all types of parquet flooring. Over time, parquet ennobled, strap trim, trim, steel polish, and finally got parquet in the form familiar to us. Note that the availability of the parquet has plummeted, according to cause increased its value. Next parquet evolved towards more complex forms. Have developed all sorts of arts, including architecture and painting, from the parquet took the next move in the direction improvement. And parquet does not take long. The appearance, in the parquet set, the elements of a curvilinear shape, made of various precious woods, the complicated plot, turned to the palace parquet floor – the highest form of not only the parquet floors and all floors at all. Our flooring has become a real, complex work of applied art. Currently, parquet became even more perfect in terms of quality. Contemporary equipment and technologies allow to produce flooring with amazing accuracy. Decreased and the cost of flooring, because of productivity growth in modern parquet factories. Parquet, is still not inferior to its leading position on the market today flooring, amazing and delighting the imagination, beauty, and thousands of grateful customers.