Particularly Suitable Treatment

Temple massage, teaches of centres specialising in therapeutic and relaxing massages and beauty treatments, has just launched a range of discounts for this month of September, as a measure against the VAT hike. In this way its leaders want to give more facilities to all those who seek a remedy against the so-called post-holiday stress. According to Dr. Antonio Cano, President of the Spanish society for the study of anxiety and stress (SEAS), to incorporate ourselves back to work after the holidays, we suffered a stress reaction. In general, this stressor is not very intense for the vast majority of people, which can be viewed with concern, or even enthusiasm, return to your activity.

However, for others the post-holiday stress can affect them in a more serious way. Unemployment is a stressor more important than returning to work after the holidays. We know that if we suffer very intense and maintained at the time, for the reasons I stress reactions they are, in the long run these can trigger the development of different mental disorders, such as for example adaptive, anxiety disorders, the mood, by consumption of substances, as well as some sexual dysfunctions of sleep, or eating disorders. To combat these conditions, the temple chain of massage offers an Ayurvedic ritual, a science holistic based on principles that are studying the human being as organized totality and not as a sum of parts. Treatment includes a relaxing massage and peeling with coconut salt and oils that stimulate both body and mind are used. Known that the skin is responsible for the production of hormones, and this treatment is very balancer for important metabolic control system. This package can be obtained at discount during the month of September in the chain centers.

Another discounts advertised massage temple for this month is a discount to the meats of 60 and 100 temples of 25% and 30%, respectively. These meats do not expire, are transferable and, with a single payment, they let you receive treatments desired at any time, since each one has its equivalent cost in temples, taking advantage of a significant discount (30% in the case of the meat of 100 if purchased this month). Finally the Ensign also offers the possibility of enjoying two massage 40 minutes with a 20% discount off the normal price, being able to choose between relaxing, Craniofacial, circulatory, neuro-sedative, foot, anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage and reflexology during September. For those entrepreneurs interested in joining massage Temple, the initial investment round lose 20.070 euros (excluding civil works requiring the local), with a 6,000 entry fee and a monthly royalty of 500 euros. The contract is for an initial period of 10 years. On the necessary accommodation found at street and have a minimum 50 m2, preferable in areas of more than 100,000 inhabitants with an income per capita average, in established neighborhoods commercially and, if possible, in commercial and/or business, areas with pedestrian traffic and ease of parking.