Password Manager Access Walker

New version 8.5 with Windows 7 logo certification access Walker 2010 of Hanoverian company specialising in security password management ISS data security is certified by Microsoft for the Windows 7 operating system. The software had to go through multiple software testing within the framework of the certification and the test is compatible with Windows 7 “successfully passed. Access Walker 2010 is one of the few password manager that is certified for Windows 7 in the world. Torsten Leithold, Managing Director of ISS data security: we are proud of this award, because this confirms our claim to provide professional security solutions. Through our close collaboration with Microsoft benefit from high quality software solutions. our customers also in future” The password manager access Walker 2010: Access Walker 2010 is an indispensable tool for all users who want to manage their sensitive data for programs, services, and Web sites, securely in an encrypted database. Comes to the encryption either the algorithm AES Rijndael with 256-bit or Blowfish 448-bit to use. Access Walker 2010 makes no compromises in terms of safety.

All password fields are protected against unwanted spying and their contents are encrypted in memory. Highly secure passwords can be generated in seconds by the built-in password generator. The practical application is characterized by its modern user interface, as well as a wealth of innovative features. Access Walker 2010 facilitates the daily work at the computer, saving time and money. Access Walker 2010: 30 day free trial: the program will cost 19.95 euro per user in desktop and portable license.

Both editions together are offered as a universal license for 24.95 euro. A 30-day trial with all features on the Web site for downloading is available to get to know. Information about the responsible companies the Hanoverian software company ISS data security has specialized since its founding in 2009 on the programming of security software. In the Focus is the development of modern software solutions in the field of IT security”. Access Walker 2010, the company distributes an innovative password manager for Microsoft Windows, which is used at many companies, private individuals and public institutions.