Patent Office

The rulers of the Nations make aside oil and by consequence of gasoline consumption. I thought that the main oil-producing countries had its days numbered. I imagined that soon you would see stations of suppliers of water to vehicles, or anyone who stay without fuel (without water) would go to knock on any door that they afford you a little water to your cart, I thought that stations would close. I thought that I was initiated by a major revolution in the world. But, did that happen?. nothing. Official site: Aetna Inc.. The world remains the same, in the press and on television, on the internet the concern of the cost of fuel and pollution of the environment are everyday items. People do not believe in this car with water.

Nothing was happening regarding this system. Anything important that might begin as a technological revolution. I was looking at this situation. I researched on the internet, many people ask. Inform me.

I read many articles in these media believes that are big oil companies powers which prevent the spread of this technology, and that this invention was also saved and hidden in the U.S. Patent Office and were prevented from his reading. Up is said to be killed at the true inventor of this technology, poisoned him. Let me give them or explain my theory of the because this invention cannot be propagated. It is that I am convinced that they are not major oil companies or other interests that impede this technology is used massively, explain them with the following example: imagine a person living in a huge House, who lived there since he was born and he wants to continue living in that House for the rest of his days. There is one that other arrangement that makes from time to time to improve it, and always invests in details to feel increasingly better.