Personal Utopia

This utopia, Well, let utopia, but art can not live without ideals expressed in the form of a utopian, it's important, what is a utopia, what it is and what is directed, though it may be, and it does not matter, would be dream. For example, a social utopia gives social order and orientation. Personal Utopia gives creative impulse. She may go into a social utopia that was good one, it becomes necessary to others, the majority, but to Unfortunately, with the author blurs the beginning, especially noticeable now. That's the tragedy of art, but, strangely enough, and its viability.

Born new tale. "New songs come up life." There is a cyclical process, one for all and from all to one. "O people, you're wrong." Of course, this is a struggle and not without loss, but we, the people, in other words still do not know how. Russian art in general has a romantic trend is a reflection our Russian mentality, mindset and the messianic character of our people. Living in a dream is good and bad at the same time, but that's because people are always in the beginning, at the threshold of a new discovery. In our history, something like that already was, especially to the church are ancient paintings. This is where the romantic pap worked in full force, creating an image of an ideal, a utopian human, the spiritual leader. Tale so with such force worked on the reality that in many respects are translated into real life.