Political Operatives

" One point of agreement between the two respondents is identified as professionals who serve as the link between the organizations or clients and legislators, acting in turn as political operatives. Furthermore, both assume that this type of consultancy can be summed up as "political relations", leading to a certain position to give business, which may be reflected in a better political position by their customers and the proposals they have to done before legislators. In particular, former Senator Almaraz finds it difficult but not impossible, to establish a dialogue with the legislature, since Congress has durability, because we can not give up a certain topic by a single congressman or senator, what important link is to work with each of the legislatures. "Politics, like politicians, have movement, some legislators will be elected by their states to a post, the change in Congress is much, much wear," he says. Proposals The proposals carried out by both the business and industry, as well as legislators, must invariably favor the society.

Hence, political consultants should be aware not only of political events, but also the social and economic development of our country and other nations. This may be the impact that implies a proposal made by a consultant, identify legislators as well as customers, the importance of political consulting. "What matters is what you bring, what you going to propose and how we do," said Almaraz, for both the customers and legislators are very timely and appropriate studies are conducted to ascertain the impact of the reforms and driven changes in the law.