Prefabricated House Market

Countless companies are competing to attract of potential home buyers with always new and creative neologisms and terms. For developers, it is not easy to keep track. In the flood of information and offers apples are compared in the thriving home market too many pears. Anyone who is interested in the purchase of real estate, and in a prefab home considering pulls the purchase, would be well advised to inform themselves fully and independently, or consult with appropriate authorities. The terms used in the trade of prefabricated houses are not uniformly defined or legally protected.

The term prefab generally called a House which is being constructed on the site of components were prefabricated largely artisan or industrially. A weather-resistant shell is created from these prefabricated elements within a few days. The vast majority of the prefabricated house manufacturer produces full wall and ceiling panels for the later House in wood construction. At as wood frame or wooden panel construction manufacturing processes referred to, which are a wooden skeleton existing elements heat insulated, coated on both sides with wooden boards and already produced with installations, doors and Windows in dry production halls, before they are transported to the construction site are. A prefab House but not necessarily is a wooden house.

Some companies offer houses, which are made in a similar manner, but with completely different materials. The wall and ceiling elements can be prefabricated in the so-called brick compound manufactured from massive stones or bricks, or in precast concrete construction of cast iron or concrete. The prefabrication of items that are assembled into a “finished” Shell Shell is consistent with the procedures described. But still, no (finished) home is a shell. Runs the installation of all technical facilities such as heating, electrical and plumbing, and the entire interior of the House by the prefabricated house manufacturer, then one speaks of a prefabricated house, which the builders “Turnkey home” is passed as a. Alternatively the client may make completely or in parts of itself but also the expansion. He then buys a House called Ausbauhaus, and is supported and maintained by the manufacturer when determining. Houses of expansion of from different manufacturers also known as fellow Bauhaus or Vorteilshaus. Through his participation in the finished House, the client saves a considerable part of the purchase price. Because the equity performance of the builders in the construction financing often as equity is taken into account, these savings achieved is also called “Muscle mortgage”. Therefore, this type of House for young families with tight budget is popular. Depending on the individual possibilities of the builders own performance is a smooth transition from the Rohbauhaus via the Ausbauhaus to the finished House. Also the services to be provided are accordingly different of the prefabricated house manufacturer and the purchase or contracts that define the mutual obligations between seller and buyer. Who is with technical terms and descriptions of construction feels overwhelmed, who should consult when assessing the various offerings through a construction expert or architect can be. The relatively low cost of which can protect against expensive mistakes. Michael Balasubramanyam