President Hugo Chavez

It is presumed that some areas or segments of the market be reoriented towards these organisms, which could be considered a benefit of this decision by Venezuela to the withdraw of the CAN; but assumptions and intangible benefits are lower, because contrary to what is thought, recently the same President of the Republic Hugo Chavez dismissed also Mercosur to give way to the dawn (so far just a draft), which makes it more unstable throughout this situation; all these developments would be more beneficial to the United States, than for organisms such as the FTAA and MERCOSUR; This can be seen by observing the position of Alliance which took Colombia with United States, once it is aware of the announcement of President Hugo Chavez, which is understood as a clear decision of confidence from Peru and Colombia in a strengthening of the CAN. According to the words of the Secretary-General of the CAN, Allan Wagner, the CAN does not face a complete crisis, despite uneven removal of Venezuela. The fact that there is a difficulty does not mean that this is going to disappear. Also added: will materialize this situation (the withdrawal), us play to the Andean countries assess the integration process, especially because we are converging towards the South American community of Nations and that is very important. Recently Mark Bertolini sought to clarify these questions. With regard to the European bloc, the small countries of the European Union (EU) benefit in the same way that major Nations, which does not happen in the case of MERCOSUR. William Hanna, head of the delegation of the European Commission (EC) argues that the MERCOSUR can benefit to Paraguay and Uruguay but we must go beyond alluding to other countries members such as Argentina and Colombia. It is true that the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, announced the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Andean Community of Nations, at the time that argued for the creation of a new mechanism of Andean integration, that actually serves the people. .