The area detached in the present work is the city of Laranjeiras that is situated in the region of the great Aracaju, where transformations are occurring that are fruit of the production and reproduction of the space. In this context, the present work abranje the historical phase of Laranjeiras, since its settling and povoamento that if developed of ample form promoting an agreement in the urbanization process, as well as the reduction of the agricultural population getting urban and agricultural changes in the functions and forms.

Ahead of the physical aspect Laranjeiras it possesss a half-humid tropical climate, that allows to two well definite stations a rainy one and other it dries. The calcareous rock possesss one mainly ground rich in minerals that a source of income for the city and its vegetation has been devastada had to the culture, Laranjeiras is bathed by the Cotinguiba rivers and Sergipe that allows the supplying not only as well as for fishes. The territory of Laranjeiras abranje mounts and grottos that periodically are visited by the local population and of other regions. In the economic process Laranjeiras he was one of cities that if had more developed in the sugar cane-of-sugar culture, making with that its commerce if is extended, being able to arrive at the current days as industrial polar region. Laranjeiras, possesss air fattens cultural that it allows the new generations to value the knowledge of ancestor, through the dance, I sing, teatrais instruments, clothes, presentations, museums, at last, festejos that value and enrich its inhabitants as well as all the sergipanos. The research has as objective generality: ) Geographically to analyze the physical aspects of the region, its economy, the culture in elapsing of the history of the society of Laranjeiras. Already the specific objectives: ) To know the customs, traditions, parties and behavior of the society; b) To observe the physical space of Laranjeiras; c) To carry through photographic exposition of the cultural manifestations and the city of Laranjeiras; d) To contribute for the access to the information on the aspects of descriptions, physicists, economic and cultural. It is justified present it searches the identification of Laranjeiras demonstrating the importance of if to know some aspects existing, being able to sell at retail, to keep and to value auto-they esteem of sergipana the local population and. The used metodolgicos processes in the research, were initially a bibliographical survey that served to compose the theoretical recital of the research through analyzes concerning historical, physical, economic and cultural the processes of the city of Laranjeiras? IF, as well as visits in the cited city.