To reach a good level of productivity is complicated, still more if you dedicate just a short time to your project online. Many of us we asked repeated times how to make to produce more in less time. There are many forms to improve your productivity, but normally few tools for it. Days ago, I dedicated myself to look for ways to improve my yield. And thank heavens I did that it. I am going to give 5 tools to you, that will help you to improve your productivity. I assure that they work.

Wridea: the organize-ideas It allows you to organize your ideas, to share them online and it lends tools to develop them to you. It has 40 thousand users in his community. Easy to use. He is very recommendable to advance with your ideas. He is not the same to have them in the head, that to see them written and organized well.

It will help you with the development of your project. Listhings: the plank of always Simple. Simple. Free. The famous cork plank, in the computer. You will be able to put whichever notes you want. It is not necessary to keep them, it detects the IP to you you will have and them again when you return to the Web. That simple. Write room: you do not relax If you are to blogger, you dedicate yourself to write or simply you want to improve the quality of your articles, this tool will help you. Write room is a text editor that isolates to you of everything what normally it surrounds our texts in the screen. You will only see your text. Perhaps you think that no, but aid much to the concentration. You prove once it, he will be yours. Slimtimer: it knows your timing and your costs You will be able to organize your timings, to calculate the cost of your projects, to even share a list of tasks with your equipment. For that also you can use Google Docs, but I believe that this is more complete. She is gratuitous, you only have registrarte and to begin to use it. Ah! One forgot to me. Also you can make information of results. What can more be asked? Quiet Read: you will already have time With Quiet Read, you will be able to store the Web interests that you to read them when you have time. Thus, if you are tabajando and you see an interesting article, you will be able to avoid distraerte and to keep it for later. At first sight it seems that it will not help you much, but I guarantee to you you will notice that it. In addition he is very tempting to take advantage of your free time with the readings that interest to you. Very recommendable. It only has a problem: it is only for Macs. Good, because up to here my contribution of today. It would be very well that if you know some tool more you shared, it so that can help us in our daily work. Totally welcomes your contributions. Greetings! Francisco Bermon Original author and source of the article