Property Management Agency

In law there is a clear separation of the concepts and test examination, and the expert can not make legally significant decisions. Although the Federal Property Management Agency is the only agency and its mandate is to issue opinions on the evaluation report, it issues an order, approving not only The procedure 3 for their units, but also various evaluators, in particular, according to 3, judge – an authorized officer of Rosimushchestvo or its territorial body, conducting the examination of the evaluation report; third-party expert – the person who sued for the examination of the evaluation report on a contractual basis in accordance with the Federal Law of 21.07.2005 N 94-FZ “On placing orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs. ” Although the order and declared that the “expertise” should report to verify that the legal requirements and standards for evaluation, in particular, expert opinion – document, based on the expertise of the evaluation report, which contains a reasoned opinion on compliance (non-conformity) of this report, assessment standards and legislation on valuation activities, procedures last check there are no. Suggesting that there is a procedure only administrative law requirements.

Ministry of Economic Development has also issued an order, which stated position 2 regulatory examination report on the assessment of self-regulating organizations of appraisers. In accordance with this Regulation, 3.16. According to the results of the examination of the evaluation report is issued: – a motivated positive expert opinion, which is proof of market value as determined by independent appraisers in the evaluation report, if appropriate report requirements of Russian legislation on evaluation activities, evaluation standards, mandatory subjects for use valuation, and contract for the evaluation of the securities. While in the position and declared that the “expertise” should be checked compliance reporting requirements of the legislation and standards for evaluation, procedures for checking the latest available..