Not rare they are the insane or absent phases of dream that leads to the proximity of the psychosis. Studies demonstrate that the nocturnal dreams are decisive and of great importance for the psychic health. LOSS OF the DESIRE the loss of the desire can perish harmless, but in it can have something of very explosive. The father perceives that he was relegated to as the plain one, is banishes from the seio and from bed of the woman. If problems not confessed with the father paper to exist, this can cause great difficulties that, for certain, do not have base in the rational scope, but in unconscious problems of auto-they esteem. Who considers its woman above all as an ownership, is felt stolen.

Who perceived in it the protector and the mother, now believes that she was I banish or the neglected the least. She classified who it as pleasure object, now has to admit with weighing that obviously more important things in the life exist, between which they are to nourish and to take care of of the baby. Frequently, the difficulties do not appear so direct in way, but if they only show later, of the sexual point of view, what it can have in such a way to the man how much to the woman, as of course to both. The couples are not few that fall in a sexual abyss with the birth of a son. With the beginning of breast-feeding, it is common to appear additional jealousy, that can hinder or also disturb many things. The man is banishes from its infantile paper, that is, he is not more in first place for the woman. It stops to make it difficult the things, can happen of the wife to feel itself lowered, because she is not more accepted for the husband as a woman (entire), but as loving or as only substitute of the mother.