Put Money In For Children – This Is Important

What criteria should meet a good investment for children and young people, it is a popular habit of grandparents, uncles and aunts, to create a savings account for the newborn family members. Many years spoke also don’t mind the fact that there are clearly-return systems, however, is a point which the giver should keep in mind. What use is the most generous gesture, if the offspring over the years of fewer and fewer assets to be intrinsically calls. Interest rates below the rate of inflation lead necessarily to a reduction in assets, not to an increase in money. There are some interesting alternatives that can be handled at least as flexible as a savings account. Funds offer higher rates for greater flexibility the first entry in the asset accumulation for children can be a day money account.

A day money comparison overview shows which banks offer great deals updated daily. Funds can arbitrarily or be served also in the framework of a savings plan. In the Unlike a passbook is available but in full every day possible, without requiring advance interest will be charged. In contrast to a date money the day money account also offers the option to make arbitrary extra payments. In a fixed deposit a certain amount for a specific term is set, additional payments are not possible. Now a contractor through the head may be the one or the other. The idea is not so wrong, the availability is constrained.

Who’s counting the long-term rate of return over the long term and with maximum return on investment for children, you want to put money, not coming to an Aktienfondssparplan on the other hand. It must not be an exotic or should a sector fund, classic, across all regions and sectors investing funds offer many excellent returns over the years as well. Regular payments are possible as well as one-off share purchases. Who regularly pays for a fixed amount on the account, also benefited from the Cost-average-effect, the average cost. Because the prices of equity funds fluctuate, more shares are bought at a fixed monthly amount in one month, in a different month of fewer shares. At the end of this strategy pays off as the cheaper purchased shares of the funds are valued higher. In the selection of the custodian bank is sure that it is an institution, which requires no deposit fees and a highest possible discount on the purchase of the Fund. These costs, provided still by the banks and savings banks locally charged diminish tremendously over the period the yield. Who for 18 years in a month saves on 100 euro and must pay a premium of five percent, given away at the end of 1,080 euros. That in turn is unnecessarily paid money. Sten Koeppe