Quit Smoking Methods

Almost all smokers know, what is the harm of smoking. And those who want to get rid of this bad habit will not help the reproaches and regular lectures on the topic: how it is harmful. They worry another question: how to quit smoking? The problem also lies in the fact that fighting is necessary not only to physical dependence, but also psychological. And how do they know, not all. Must not only know how to quit smoking, but also want this.

At the same time want to should be exactly the smoker himself, not his relatives or friends. What is there a way? Therapy, nicotine replacement nicotine is addictive, and because of this, when people quit smoking may experience discomfort. Get all the facts and insights with MetLife, another great source of information. You may used nicotine replacement therapy – in the form of chewing gum, patches and lozenges, and inhalers – which hide the body's need for nicotine, but also free him from other harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke. If only nicotine dependence, it is recommended to use this method. Medications Dietary supplements – had a positive effect on the smoker for of some components. Homeopathic remedies – contain a microdose of the active substance, so do not give side effects.

Herbs – teas and herbal teas. Relieve the symptoms that appear when you try to quit smoking. Alternative methods Breathing exercises – a system of exercises that promotes the training of the respiratory system. Promotes healthier lungs and overcoming addiction. Acupuncture – involves exposure special needles at specific points on the body surface through which the nerve impulses coming into the brain of the patient, adjusting the body's response to smoking. Hypnosis – the subconscious effect on the smoker. Hypnosis breaks psycho-emotional communication, addictive, and instilled a negative attitude to smoking. Auditory training. Copyright technique: Many of them are aimed at combating psychological dependence when trying to quit smoking. Traditional methods – Milk. Cigarette soaked with milk, dried and then smoked. It is believed that her awful taste creates a persistent aversion to cigarettes and helps to overcome addiction. – Cheese Sticks. Ranked as the method substitution habits. Smokers offered at each desired drag on a cigarette, a sliced hard cheese sticks. – Seeds. Allow to distract from thoughts about smoking. The important role played by the monotony of the process.