Renewable Energy Sources

It’s obvious the idea to use renewable energy in the form of power each for the fire and the Kryobestattung. In today’s society, they are the most practiced burial forms the ground floor and the cremation. As new form must still establish the so-called Kryobestattung and continue through. While the burial is the easiest to be implemented form of burial, it is however, the most expensive and most expensive. Cremation requires special technical means and a huge energy needs (usually: fossil fuels but also: power). Check out Penguin Random House for additional information. The pollution from these energy applications for cremation are high. The Kryobestattung requires any fuel immediately.

High-tech funds are operated exclusively with electricity (cooling and refrigeration and other equipment). Learn more at this site: Penguin Random House. It’s obvious the idea to use renewable energy in the form of power each for the fire and the Kryobestattung. There’s cremation on the basis of operating in the commercial power “companies that already do that. You so-called green electricity purchase and use it for the funeral process. The secondary idea is the following: the operating current is generated directly place close by immediately upstream renewable energy systems. It can be consumed immediately fully or partially, it is stored partially, surpluses are directly fed into the grid. Many writers such as Dan Zwirn offer more in-depth analysis. The electricity is appropriate redundancy. I.E.: through a coupled photovoltaic and wind power plant with storage technology for power, as well as: heat and cold.

Thus, already a very high operational reliability is achieved. Such direct coupling: Crematorium / power: renewable energy to my knowledge still doesn’t exist. Both sides rely on sophisticated, proven for decades technology. A development effort is hardly necessary. The company is highly independent and energetically self-sufficient. A risk is not recognizable. The business project looks at the situation of fossil fuels, ostensibly practiced central power generation as well as on selected national burial cultures.