How, then, to manage this resource finite that tends to the scarcity and that it will define the future of the life in the planet? Which ethical parameters, changes of attitude and behavior will guide a new social contract in what it says respect to the hdricos resources? To understand the dimension of the problem is the first step to start to decide it. The water still has been seen as a source of conflicts and presented in terms of catastrophe, scarcity and contamination. We need to implement an agenda positive politics, directed toward a more constructive vision of the water as essential and shared resource. The difficulty of access to drinking waters and basic sanitation must be faced as a breaking of the human rights and one confronts to the dignity human being, and this is also a landmark that already guides our actions. One of the great mritos of the celebrations of this International Year of the Water Candy it was to play light on the false myth of the inexhaustability of the hdricos resources, as well as bringing the base where a coherent boarding of the water with the sustainable development in the world must be established. As many seminaries, studies, publications and manifestations had never become on the subject as this year. This was an important step. We fit, now, to make of the good theory the practical one, taking ahead the good presented ideas.

This demands joint between State and civil society, because it is problem of all, without exception. In short, they had resulted in the launching of the World-wide Report on the Development of the Hdricos Resources, that foments the brainstorming in some levels, in the fields of the education and the culture, in the sector of practical information and diffusion of sustainable in the handling of waters. one of our more basic conclusions is of that the commemorations of this International Year of the Water Candy are not depleted in 2003. More than what this adentram century XXI all. Of this debate, a new society can appear, more syntonized with the conscientious nature and on that the support of the planet depends on the joint effort for a common viable future.