Romanticism Painting Returns

GOLDEN AGE OF ROMANTICISM Gets or "physics" and "lyrics" IMMORTAL theater of the absurd of life around us is not new, but in his own way, original. In one form or another it always was. Now, one-sided bias towards the deification of life technological advances and life, unique and not without a certain appeal. Human life in this world is definitely interested in a fenced, as a new stage of struggle and survival. But, as history teaches us and shows the reality of On the one hand – another "Atlantis", on the other – the natural world. In the middle – a man restless, looking for a foothold. Us deviators have much to think and do even more in favor of an equal relationship of the human enclave and nature. Find a middle ground – no longer a distant goal, but vitally necessary reality.

In such circumstances, attempts to overcome the one-sided rationalism and modeling a holistic, harmonious personality become of particular importance. This theme is exacerbated by the difficult, transitional moments of social life and cultural development. Sprang a new look at the world of art to human beings. There is a new style, known as romanticism. There were other name according to ages, but the essence remains the same. The primacy of poetry over prose, dreams over reality, a sense of the mind – its main features. The term "Romanticism" has emerged in Europe at the turn of the eighteenth-XIX centuries. It Romantics, and their creativity – romanticism.

Such a master, as always – a transformer of the world, the spiritual world, first and foremost. Given around him do not like, he throws on the world its shape, acquiring a product fixed state personified dream. Not suitable for our world order – they say – based on money-grubbing and dislike. We oppose his dream of a future free from violence and lies.