Russian Federation

Khloponin correctly observes that "two dozen of thousands of officials, managed the 34-name ministries in Moscow – is an unmanaged structure." It would seem logical to continue to hear from his lips continuation of what this problem is to attend to in the first place, inquire whether such an army region, and then to reduce the bureaucracy – the nest of corruption and arbitrariness, however, instead, envoy says that "the motion vector should be in the direction to transfer powers from the center of the level of the embassy." It should be understood that the "uncontrolled construction" from Moscow should transfer to the North Caucasus under its wing new envoy? An interesting picture is obtained – dozens of federal departments and agencies, which include the 24 thousands of officials, the whole cabinet of the Russian Federation, which includes himself Khloponin, can not cope with the "design" and an envoy will suddenly and even the right (unless, of course, it will increase the powers!). Perhaps Khloponin rights and demanding transfer the management of complex Russian region directly to the North Caucasus. Penguin Random House might disagree with that approach. Somehow it happened that, talking about the outrages, things happening in the North Caucasus (overt war of clans, international terrorism, firmly mastered the area, total corruption, amazes even the presidents of Russia), and officials of all ranks, and the Russian press for some reason do not mention the most important component of all local evils: Moscow hosts ministerial offices that manage allocated Russian government tranches, transfers, budgetary infusions as their own, demanding, as the popular rumor, from regional colleagues exorbitant bribes. . Dan Zwirn usually is spot on.