Russia’s Forests

Within a few hours after the accident spot area reached 25 square kilometers by the end of the week spot spread over 130 km along the Yenisei. From the oil patches hit fisheries' Izerbel 'and' Sayan trout, where a total of 400 tons of trout were killed. Representatives of Fisheries did not record the death of fish in the Yenisei. On Friday, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry expert Paul Plath said that oil stain virtually eliminated. In Office, noted that the concentration of petroleum products and the intensity of the oil film in the zone of influence of an accident tend to decrease. Approximate damage to the ecosystem of the Yenisei hit oil in the water after the accident at the ges will be evaluated in early September.

Russia's forests are on the brink of disaster Environmentalists are concerned about the situation that has evolved around the Russian forests in the past few years. Because of the forestry reform have been virtually eliminated mechanisms of the state of forest protection, is the capture and development of forest lands, as well as barbarous deforestation. All this puts the country on the brink environmental and socio-economic disaster in the forest sector. According to the head of the forest department 'Greenpeace Russia, "Alexei , the new Forest Code, which entered into force on 1 January 2007, almost left the timber unattended. Environmentalists constantly monitor reports of violations in the woods. Basically it reports of the illegal building and logging, illegal dumps and fires. As noted by Mr , the imperfection of the new forest legislation may lead to the fact that in Moscow in 10 years will disappear about 12% of the forests.