Schools Enterprising

Mintzberg, one of the authors most important in the area of administrative sciences of the present time, publishes articles and books on the subject since 1971. In its Safri book of strategy, together with Ahlstrand and Lampel (2000), sample that the strategy interacts constantly in such a way with the internal environment how much with the external environment of the Organizations. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel had classified the main ideas of the Strategical Planning in ten schools divided in three groups: the schools of prescriptive character that more are worried in as the strategies must be formulated of what in as effectively they are formulated. The Schools of Design, Planning and Positioning belong to this group. The Schools of descriptive nature that consider specific aspects of the process of formularization of strategies, being worried less about the lapsing of the ideal strategical behavior and more about the description of as the strategies are really and as if they unfold. The Schools Enterprising, Cognitiva belong to this group, of Learning, of the Power, Cultural and Ambient.

the third group formed only for the School of Configuration. This congregates two possibilities basic of the organizacional phenomenon: the first one, called configuration, describe states of the organization and the contexts surround that it; second, called transformation, it describes the process of generation of strategies. In the truth, the Strategical Planning appeared from 1945 and its recital was in the simple extrapolao of information of the past. Of certain form, for the period, this functioned well, therefore it did not have great modifications in the environment. In 1965, Igor Ansoff, published the book Corporate Strategy, legalizing and structuralizing the Planning Strategical. In the boarding made for Ansoff, the simple ones extrapolao of the historical data is not the sufficient one to describe the ambient dynamics and is indispensable that the organizations if adjust to these new conditions.