Sell Makeup Almacenalo

For entrepreneurs in a business of makeup that have no where to store their merchandise, one option is to rent a portable minibodega in which you can store from furniture to cars and yachts. Here we provide you some tips so that you retain your products in good condition within a minibodega. Keep it dry. The humidity would kill your make-up so take your precautions and ensures a long life for your source of income. The introduction of moisture is the wrong most frequent blasting makeup products. It changes the composition of the powder, blush and lipstick.

The latter usually molding it and is transformed into something unhealthy. Hide your light products, you can use non-plastic and bags that allow air circulation. Cardboard boxes are also useful and if the minibodega have driver of climate can be very favourable. Avoid sudden changes of temperature. And make-up brushes? Like any of your clients receive a brush broken or worn paint right? Wrap them in a case that is not prone to keep moisture or heat, and take care that they do not hit.

You can use an organizer destined for cooking utensils to keep your products, since they usually have several compartments where you put the brushes. You can also use small or plastic baskets. Brushes should be hidden from the direct sunlight and kept very clean. It gives a general cleaning makeup products at least once a week. Use shampoo to baby or facial cleanser and leave them to dry for quite a while.