Smoking, An Addiction With Consequences

The most common and most dangerous addiction smoking the world contains many dangers for the body, for the family, society, the environment and the economy. One cigarette contains over 700 chemical additives. Some of those are classified as highly toxic. Light a cigarette at one of these reached nearly 100 C and helps the release of thousands of chemical compounds. Above all, poisons such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide and many carcinogens are among these. This is the most dangerous smoking nicotine. It is included in every tobacco and has neither smell nor has there a certain color.

However, it makes physically and psychologically addictive and causes to smoke a cigarette after another. Inhaled into the lungs, nicotine causes a fast connection to the bloodstream and reaches the brain within seconds. Another seconds spread out in other parts of the body. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure. The smoker feels more alert and relaxed. In less than 30 minutes, the nicotine leaves the bloodstream again and the smoker begins to get nervous again.

So the cigarette is becoming more and more of the addiction and the smokers will have it increasingly difficult with the time to quit smoking. That’s why it is better to never start smoking. Contact information is here: Dan Zwirn. If unfortunately already smoking, then you start it better for you and for your environment as soon as possible with the smoking cessation. You can to take different helper methods and thus suppress withdrawal symptoms. For example, nicotine patches are small patches that are applied to the skin. It contains nicotine, enters the bloodstream and thus slows down the need for nicotine. These patches are there by various companies. Although they vary in their characteristics and dosages, they are taken all the same basically. In the use of nicotine patches you should definitely not at the same time smoking. This can lead to an overdose of nicotine. The risk of a stroke and a heart attack is almost twice as high. Stop smoking hypnosis is widely used. It is basically possible through hypnosis to put an end to the smelly truck, but only if it is done properly. Important: when the hypnosis you are totally deep relaxed, fully conscious, but in a kind of trance. It is not so as it often wrongly represented that you get with nothing as a patient at all. Of course, it’s also on the right of the hypnotist. A major challenge is to find it, often. Now there are now much more modern methods, such as laser technology smoke to draw a circle. It is a special laser technology in the meridians on the ear angeregt are. The whole thing should give an anesthetic at the same time and relaxing feeling and have no side effects. There are no cumbersome applications required, after a 45 minute application you is completely smoke-free. It remains left for helper methods to take what you, but should do everyone a favor and stop smoking. It’s for your own good.