Social Responsibility

The one that acts does without conscience; who meditates is conscious Is a certain fact, that the SMEs of the country are only many that have not been identified, nor it jeopardize with respect to the noncontamination of the environment, of such form, that its operativity does not generate environmental problems in the surroundings where it does, thus as they demonstrate a good social responsibility, much of it must to the little importance that the management him it gives these topics that come dragging by many years, and where the State, the Community, consumers carries out a roll important in order to guarantee the noncontamination. When east subject has treated in the classrooms, like in the direct investigation on this reality in means, one determines, that the SMEs have not concientizado opportune and the necessary thing that it is, for example, the Green Accounting and the attachment to environmental norms to understand the importance of the natural resources, emphasizing their contribution to the well-being of the human beings. The faults and more lamentable weaknesses of these companies are that: * They contaminate air, water and ground in the local scope. * They have not fulfilled the norm legal and constitutional that favors the preservation and protection of the environment and, therefore, it guarantees the quality of life of the people. * They have suspended the environmental action through time.

* They do not fulfill the objectives fixed and the legal frame that prevails in terms of well-taken care of protection and of the environment. * The demands and requirements of the surroundings have not waked up against and the securing of a future for the next generations. * They lack a culture of development of brings back to consciousness ecological. Of way, that ignorance and mismatch of SMEs with respect to norms developed for protection environmental, of acceptance world-wide (like ISO 14000) and national (laws that regulates the environmental protection and the resources), are generating two problems that emerge at this moment with force: first it is the possibility that an important group of companies of the country sees limited their access international markets.