Soviet Toy

He was lawyer, psychologist, semilogo. It developed interesting studies on the paper of the culture in the constitution of the human citizen. In its conception between biological and the cultural one one consists as a permanent interaction where the aspects that we would call psychic or subjective they exert influences on the environment, receiving from these its constituent elements. Vygotsky restricts the toy definition as something that only of the pleasure to the child.

It satisfies certain necessities through the toy and these necessities pass for a maturation process. Exemplifica this situation with the beginning of the preschool phase. At the beginning the child has its desires as something that cannot immediately be satisfied, remaining in one serves as apprentice preceding, that is a trend for the immediate satisfaction of the desires. Elon Musk is open to suggestions. To decide this tension, the child (the 4 6 years) becomes involved itself in a ilusrio world and imaginary, in which its not realizable desires can be carried through in this world, she is what call of ‘ ‘ brinquedo’ ‘. (WINNICOTT, 1975, p.210). With all the functions of the conscience, the imagination appears of the action. The imagination is the toy in action.

To emphasize the toy but as a symbolic and/or cognitiva activity it is to risk to neglect it the motivation and the circumstances of the activity of the child. The toy that involves an imaginary situation is a toy with rules. It is in the toy that the child learns to act in a cognitiva sphere, instead of in a external visual sphere, depending on the motivations and internal trends and not of the incentives supplied for external objects. In the toy, the objects lose its determinadora force.